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Posted: October 3, 2012 at 10:26 am

TCG Group Holdings

October 3, 2012 at 10:26 am

I am new to Event Espresso and not much of a coder so here’s what I am trying to do… I am setting up some online classes, and some of which are actually going to be free.

First off I would like to be able to show the “Virtual Location”, but for some reason it is not displaying even if I have entries in the fields. I find this odd to have the options on the back end but it doesn’t display on the front end? This information is also not emailed upon completing registration. Definitely need to make sure this is available!

Also, for the free events, I have absolutely no need to display “Free Event” and in fact for the group that will be registering this is not desirable. I would rather not show anything at all.

It would be nice to have all options from the back end able to be selected to be displayed on the front end to make it easier for us non-coders…

What can I do to make these 2 things happen as well as show appropriately in the email confirmation? Please note that some events are paid, others are not, so I can’t hard-code this in as a “fix all” solution across the board.



October 4, 2012 at 1:06 am

Hi there,

Event Espresso has a lot of data that can be used, so even though the info can be added we don’t automatically show it on the front end. In order to do this we have created shortcodes that can be added to events to enable the data to be shown as and when you like.

Regarding the Virtual Location data, that is currently not available in shortcode form, but I have asked the developers to include this in the next release if possible.

Regarding the Free Events, there is no way of changing this short of changing one of the files. IF you are happy to do this then it is quite easy, you will need to download the event_espresso-en_US.po file from event-espresso/languages.

Then search for Free Event. Change it as needed, save and re upload the file.

This will affect all Free events, but not affect anything for paid events.

Regarding the emails, the user should be provided an email confirmation by default on registration. IF this is not happening I would advise you to check whether it is going to spam folders, whether the settings in Event Espresso have been somehow changed to not send emails or if the server can send emails.

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