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User Profiles and multiple categories

Posted: June 27, 2013 at 5:08 pm

eDee Bruns

June 27, 2013 at 5:08 pm

In our site each user will need to have a visible profile. We need the user profile to link to their events.
So if a visitor sees an event they like, the visitor can click on the users profile and see the profile with information about the user. If the visitor wants to see all the events that the user has listed there will need to be a list or a link to only that users events – is that possible?

Also, can events be placed in multiple categories?


June 28, 2013 at 2:48 am


By user are you referring to a staff member/speaker or a customer who has registered with your site?

Both are possible in a way. The staff/speakers can be set up in the Staff Management screen and allow you to input basic information (name, contact details etc, plus a rich description. screenshot. These can then be added to a page/post or event via shortcodes.

You can use the EVENT_LIST shortcode with the Staff attribute to list events with that staff member assigned.

So on one page you could use the staff shortcode to display their “bio” and below that the event list shortcode to display the events assigned to them.

Registered users profiles cannot be seen by others, but they have a section in their profile that shows the events they registered for, this can also be shown on the front of the site (only to that user) via a shortcode.

Events can be placed in multiple categories, yes.

eDee Bruns

June 28, 2013 at 4:47 pm

I can see this getting confusing fast, let me clarify: “Users” pay a fee to post to the event calender (that part isn’t handled away from the wordpress/calender). Users go through a review process to make sure we’re not getting spammers posting garbage to the event calendar.

Visitors are people who sign up for events. We would like visitors to be able to signup for the site and build a profile or a bio (isn’t that handled via wordpress), but they wouldn’t be able to do anything other than have a profile to view what they have purchased.

Our staff post our events, not user events, but they review the Users events before they are allowed to be visible by the visitors (the public).
So our Users will post their own events, which our staff will approve. Kind of like Contributes in wordpress, they can write a post, but it must be approved before it is visible on the blog – same idea, but with events.

Our users need Profiles which gives a blip about them, Name, Location, Phone number, and a brief description – but doesn’t wordpress already have that built in – a public profile?

We want to be able to have a link in the users profile or bio that will lead to that users events. And if a visitor is looking at an event and wants to see other events by that user they can click on a link within that event description (or somewhere) that will lead to the users profile.

This will need to be done automatically, or at least somewhat automatically. Our Users don’t understand short codes and I don’t want them to have to deal with that part of it. If I have can put in a short code into the users profile/bio just once that can do that, then that would work. Our staff will setup the accounts for our users, so putting a short code here or there when we setup that account is fine, but we can’t do it for every event.


July 2, 2013 at 12:38 am


First off sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Reading through your needs, I think that Event Espresso can handle some of it, but other areas (the site registration and bios in particular) may be best handled with a third-party membership plugin.

You will also require some customisation in respect to displaying users events publicly and also to the front end event creator as these events do not have a pre-approval system.

We have a customisation service available

Or you can contact one of the recommended developers

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