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URL/SLUG Issue – Users Can't Go Straight to Registration Page

Posted: January 6, 2020 at 5:41 am


January 6, 2020 at 5:41 am

I’ve got everything set up nicely. But I have one issue, the PERMALINK.

If you go to, you will notice that its loading up in Archives: Events. Then, I have to click on READ MORE to get the full REGISTRATION PAGE.

For users to go STRAIGHT to the registration page, this would be the URL: Clearly, this is not right. But, I don’t know how to fix it.

I need this to have its own page in the root of so that there is NO “read more” and users just go STRAIGHT to the registration page immediately.

This page needs to be UNDER 2020 Annual Conference as its own page.

I’ve been trying to go live with the REGISTRATION today.

WordPress Version: 5.3.2

PHP Version: 7.4.1

MySQL Version: 5.5.5

Event Espresso Version: 4.10.2.p

WordPress Address (URL):

Site address (URL):


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January 6, 2020 at 7:00 am

It looks like you have the EE events slug set to 2020-staff-training-conference which means every event you create within EE will that before the single event slug:


An archive slug takes priority over a ‘page’ slug, so this:

Is an archive of EE events generated using your themes archive template and not a page, as you add more events it will list them all there.

Are you hosting many events or is this for a single conference?

If it’s a single conference you may be better setting the events slug back to something like ‘events’ or whatever else you prefer and using a separate ‘normal’ page with the ticket selector shortcode on it for the conference event.

The ticket selector will then show on that page and when the user selects their tickets they will be directed to the registration-checkout page as normal.

Or, another option is to set EE to display the ticket selector on event lists:

Event Espresso -> Events -> Templates -> Event List Pages -> Display Ticket Selector?

Set that to Yes and the ticket selector will display on the event shown at the first link above. If the user clicks on the event name they will still go through to the single event page which is:

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