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Two important questions before buying

Posted: September 9, 2013 at 8:49 am

Maria Jose

September 9, 2013 at 8:49 am


—- Situation ——

I run an events site which promotes events run and organized by different venues and event managers.

These venues are independent from each other, each venue creates its own account and uploads its own events. We promote these events (we don´t organize them).

When viewing an event, apart from all the info about the event, you also have the possibility of clicking on the venue´s name and see a small description plus all the events run by that venue.

We are looking for a new template or WordPress plugin which allows us to sell the tickets for the events we promote and which also makes it easier for the different venues to upload the info of their events (they currently have to repeat their basic info -like address & contact details- each time they upload an event).

Usability is very important to us. Venues are our main clients and it is very important that they find it easy and user-friendly to upload their info and sell their tickets.

—– Eventespresso —–

I have seen the sites on the Eventespresso showcase.

All of the sites shown are companies which organize their own events, so there is only one event organizer present in each one site. None of the sites present in your showcase contain multiple event organizers thus multiple users uploading info to the site.

—— Questions ——–

– Does your plugin allow multiple users to upload and sell their own events in one site?

– Does your plugin allow to collect payment for an event and distribute that payment in two accounts? (eg: 90% to the event organizer account -site user-, 10% to the event promoter account -site owner).

– If the answer to the question above is “no”, does it allow at least to register a list of the tickets sold per venue so that it can be sent to each user and a sale commission can be charged at the end of the month?

For example:

A website which sells tickets for yoga classes in New York.

This website puts together all the yoga classes currently present in New York and promotes them among a big database of yoga students.

The info about all the different yoga classes, timetables and prices are uploaded by each yoga teacher (site users).

The classes are promoted and sold by the site owner.

When a yoga student finds a class that suits his/her needs on the site, he/she buys the ticket for that class, 90% of that payment goes to the yoga teacher, 10% of that payment goes to the site owner as a commission for the promotion and sale.

Does Eventespresso plugin allow to do that?

Many thanks,


Sidney Harrell

September 9, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Our roles and permissions add-on allows you to designate a user as an event manager and lets them create and manage their own events without having access to other event manager’s events.
We do have a solution that allows the event manager to put their paypal (or other gateway’s) credentials in as meta data on the event. When an attendee then reaches the payment stage, the gateway will check for that gateway credentials on the event, and if found, will use it instead of the credentials in the global gateway settings. (short answer is yes, each event manager can receive payments for their events into their accounts). Sorry, just re-read the question, and there isn’t a way currently to split the payment up like that. Paypal does have an “Adaptive Payments” API that would do that, but we don’t currently have a gateway module written that uses that particular API.

Maria Jose

September 16, 2013 at 11:01 am

Thank you Sidney

Do you provide a paid service that would integrate the a.m. Paypal “Adaptive Payments” API into the Event Espresso plugin?

If so, what would be the estimated cost for that type of service?

Many thanks,



September 17, 2013 at 4:20 am


We do have a paid service to implement new gateways, details can be found here

It costs $1000, more if the development time goes over 10 hours, but it is very rare for that to happen.

Maria Jose

September 19, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Thank you Dean, it´s a reasonable fee.

Two more questions (sorry, I am discovering new features and site needs as I read about the different possibilities):

– Do you know of any live website that I can visit which uses your plugin and where different users upload their own events? (instead of only one event organizer)

– My website is aimed both to people who are from Spain and speak Spanish and to visitors who come from other countries and speak English, so in the new website we aim to display the info in both languages, can your plugin be integrated also with (multilingual plugin)?

Many thanks,



September 20, 2013 at 2:01 am


I don’t know of a specific site that allows users to create events, but our showcase can be found here –

The plugin is translatable, thought we don’t offer WPML integration.

Some users have used WPML and similar and I believe though cannot confirm did it successfully (though I am sure it will no doubt need tweaking in order to get it to function).

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