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Removing Old Data from Database

Posted: July 10, 2018 at 4:57 pm


July 10, 2018 at 4:57 pm

Just trying to find out how the information is linked. If i remove an event, does it remove the database information? And\Or the associated data? Or does it just not show anymore in WP and all the database info is still in there? We reached our database limit with out host in less then a year with only about 6 or 7 events. So trying to find a way to keep that down.

Also after our host did database maintenance to shrink out database to be within their limit the next registration for the current event got a time out. Just looking for a professional opinion to see if what they did may have caused some issue.


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July 10, 2018 at 8:35 pm

That must be a very low limit, or something else on your site is taking up a lot of space in the database. You’re not going to free up much space from the database by removing a few events.

With regards to shrinking the database, it depends on what they actually did. Did the remove unused options from the options table? If so then that’d be OK. If they removed data related to the event (like information about tickets & pricing) then that could cause the timeout.


July 11, 2018 at 4:10 am

its only 300 megs. something we didnt know before we started it. We have some other plugins like Wordfence and some catching plugins.


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July 11, 2018 at 5:07 am

Without sound like I’m trying to bash your host, in short, it sounds like you’ve outgrown them. Be that the package you are on with them or if they don’t provide others the host themselves.

With a limit of 300MB and the fact that you’re already hitting it means you are constantly going to be playing cat and mouse to stay below it, what happens if your events before more popular during your registration period and you hit the limit again (which you will, it just depends on how fast)? Obviously, the site will go down and it’s a panic to fix it again.

Rather than trying to reduce the size of the database constantly to stay below the limit set on your host, I’d recommend using a package/host with a higher limit and then maintaining your database(s) to prevent going close to that so you have plenty of room.

For example, I have multiple different hosting accounts that I use for testing EE, one of which is a cheap shared hosting account, on that I have a MySQL® Disk Usage limit of 2GB and have about 20 sites on that account, a couple of which are over 300MB but I’m still well below the limit overall (I have 45% left). If I was close to the 2GB limit I’d be looking to remove/move at least a couple of those sites to another host or increase the limit on the host, not squash the existing DB’s to try and make them fit with a few % spare just waiting for the same problem to happen in X amount of Days/Weeks/Months.

So personally, I think you are looking at this from the wrong angle trying to reduce the size of the database to fit into a limit like this, the only way to really reduce the DB size is to remove data and doing so needs to be done very carefully to prevent removal of required data. I’d be very wary of letting the host remove whatever data they see fit to reduce the DB down to fit a limit as you may not even notice a problem for a while until the data they removed is then needed and it wasn’t obvious it had gone.

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