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Registering Multiple Delegates on a Single Ticket registration and confirmation

Posted: November 23, 2018 at 5:50 am


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November 26, 2018 at 2:56 am

Hi Graeme,

Our set up WP is plugins Event Expresso Decaf 4 and WP Customer Area.

May I ask, why are you using Decaf? You have a license for Event Espresso so have access to the full version of EE4 in your account.

Decaf is the basic version with limited features.

When a user the primary registrant registers for a ticket for a course, I have set up the User Integration Settings for the event to “FORCE login for Registration” YES and “AUTO CREATE Users with Registrations” and a Default role for “auto-created users” CONTRIBUTOR.
Now when a user registers they complete the registration details and in the extra questions I have added the entity doing the booking and the email of the person doing the booking, who is different from the Delegate attending.

So to confirm, the attendee (the persome actually attending the event) has their details added to the default ‘Personal Information’ questions and the “purchaser” is added to custom questions?

The environment I’m selling into is where the Booking party can be different from the Delegate i.e. Company Admin team books a ticket for one or more delegates to attend the training.
During the course we want the delegates to be able to log in and download resources and participate in discussion.

Just to note EE wasn’t designed to manage users, it can create the accounts for you, but depending on what you need with the above, you may need some custom development.

So what I would like is the Delegates (Attendees 1 to 10) to each get registered on the system as USERS, along with the entity admin person being able to access the confirmation emails, invoices and booking details.

By default, the only registrant that has an account created for them is the Primary Registrant but we have a snippet to create users for all attendees here:

You can add that to a custom functions plugin on your site, we have some documentation on creating one here:

1. It is not clear to me, if the delegates accounts accounts are created on registration or when payment is accepted or when approved (i.e. approved)

The user accounts are created directly after the details have been added to the registration form, so just before the payment options load.

2. It is also not clear to me when if and when the delegates user accounts are created they receive emails to that effect, separately from the admin booker.

The new user account emails are directly from WordPress itself rather then EE, they are triggered when the account is created so same as above.

I know this sounds like i’m confused, but actually having great fun working out the power, options and capabilities of Event Espresso as I learn to understand the what we can do with your great product.

I’m glad your enjoying Event Espresso 🙂

Originally I started as an end user of Event Espresso (EE3) so I know that feeling, there’s a lot you can do and if EE doesn’t do it, theres likely a hook you can use to do it.

Do I need to add code somewhere to let the ADMIN booking user also get emails for registration status and confirmation of approval

Yes you can, but is is all of the emails you want the ‘purchaer’ to receive or just the payment related emails?

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