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Registering an attendee changed all attendees names.

Posted: June 4, 2021 at 10:13 am


June 4, 2021 at 10:13 am

When someone calls me to register them for an event I go to the event registration page, click register, choose the number of tickets they want to purchase, put in their registration information, proceed to checkout, enter their credit card information, and then the transaction is approved.

Looking back on my registration list, for all of the registrations I entered on my own the registration information all changed to the information of the last person I registered. Event my wordpress profile information changed to the last person’s name.

I cleared my cache and history, I followed the instrustruction to go into EE Registration Forum, user integration settings, and changed the Always sync contact information with WP user profile? to no.

After I did that, I tried to edit the incorrect registrations and again, it changed the names of all of the registrations I had entered to the name I edited and it changed my WP profile to that name also.

Please help!


June 4, 2021 at 10:17 am

In addition…when I went in and changed my WP profile information back to me. It changed all of the registration I entered back to my information. So now all of the registrations I entered for other people have my name on them.


June 4, 2021 at 1:52 pm

More…for some reason all of the transactions are associated with one contact. In the registrations for this contact box I have 21 registrations. So, I also need to know how to remove this registrations from under this contact, so I can put the correct information under each registration.


  • Support Staff

June 4, 2021 at 2:27 pm

Hi there,

Ok, so have you recently started using the WP User integration add-on or have it been activated for a while?

How many registrations changed?

To understand what is happening here you need to understand a little about how EE registrations work.

Every EE registration is assigned to an EE_Contact.

The EE_Contact, is ‘the attendee’, so in my case, I would have an EE_Contact with the First Name = ‘Tony’ and Last Name = ‘Warwick’ (the EE_Contact stores more details than just F/L name but this it’s what matters). Let’s say my contact has an ID of 111.

A single EE_Contact, can be assigned to multiple registrations because although I can have multiple registrations and have various answers to the questions on those, the EE contact (Me) hasn’t changed.

What the WP user integration add-on does, is link your WP User account with the EE_Contact it first generated, after that EE_Contact is generated (and linked to the account) , with the ‘Always sync contact information with WP user profile’ option enabled what happens is each registration you add is linked with that EE_Contact ID and then if you’ve used different details in the registration form, it syncs those to your EE_Contact and WP_user account.

So the registration you’ve made whilst logged in have all been linked to the same contact and each time you’ve added the a registration your EE_Contact and WP_User account has updated to match the registration you just added.

When you now try to edit the contact, as it’s the same contact assigned to all of the registration, editing one shows the updates on all.

We don’t have an easy way to fix this, you’ll either need to recreate the registrations from within the admin (not adding tickets on the front end), or you’ll need a custom function that can be used to create a new contact from the current one and then edit the new contact details to match.

I’m assuming you have the details for the original registrants?

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