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Recurring Events Pre-Sale Questions

Posted: February 10, 2015 at 1:54 pm


February 10, 2015 at 1:54 pm

Hi, I am going to try to describe what I need to achieve, and hopefully I can get a confirmation that it is possible before we buy.

The site I am working on is a dog training facility and offers a multitude of classes throughout the year.

Each Course has six classes (for example purposes we will use Beginner agility as one course) Beginner Agility runs in a specific time slot on the same day for 6 weeks. Example 1 Mondays 6:30-7:30. If one registers for Beginner Agility the cost is $225, and that covers the cost for all six weeks of the course and must be paid prior to the first class of the course. This course is usually offered consecutively, meaning after six weeks is up, they offer another six week course in same time slot, same night for another six weeks, and so on. Beginner Agility may also be offered on Wednesdays in a different time slot, and Saturdays. Each day of the week is an independent course. One who is in Agility on Mondays can not take a Saturday class, they only take class on Mondays.

1. Can I achieve this successfully with EE ? Can we have what is in essence a recurring event within a recurring event? The classes within the course recur weekly, but the course itself also recurs every 6 weeks.

2. If so would it mean that if a user click on the third weeks listing in the calendar for example, and registers it will only allow that to occur during the set registration timeframe. Or can it be set to only allow them to click register button on the first night of the course?

3. They want to be able to have people click register using a complex form (which I know I can get all the content they need in a custom form) and before paying submit the form. Once the form is submitted (without payment) the staff has to approve the application/registration (because they need to make sure the dog info that will be in the form adheres to vaccines, temperament, behaviour etc. etc.) If the application/registration adheres and they applicant/registrant is approved, the staff need to be able to “approve” the registration, and then the original registrant needs to receive an email with a link to pay for their six week course and complete their registration.

4. Can we designate the first class in a course set up like I described above, in the calendar with some sort of symbol or notation visually that it is the FIRST class of the course, because we can’t put it in the title, as the same title is used for all six nights of classes? Like a start or ! symbol or something, so visually it stands out in the calendar as the start date of the course?

5. Is there any way to export a Google Calendar and then be able to import it into EE?

6. How can we handle holidays? If there is a holiday on a monday, there is no class in a 6 week course, they continue the following week (so in essence the course becomes 7 weeks). But you may only want to have that happen once in the recurring course through the year. Can this be done? And if so, how can we DENOTE in the calendar that there ARE NO CLASSES on a given day – and hide all class listings on that day? See their google calendar for how they handle things now – it’s all manually entered, which we want to avoid.

I have used Event Espresso before, and what I used it for was so much simpler than this client’s needs.

I know this is a lot of info to answer, but I really need to make sure I can achieve what they need before they buy the plugin. 🙂 I appreciate any information you can offer. I tried the demo, but it didn’t come out as I had expected. But that could have been me.



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February 10, 2015 at 2:51 pm


How are you today?

Just for reference, here is another dog training events website using Event Espresso: I’m pretty sure they are using Event Espresso 3.

Re 1 & 2

With Event Espresso 3

With the Multiple Event Registration addon ( you can schedule multiple of a class at once.

If you want your attendees to register for one event, say at the beginning of a series then: 1) create each event and use the Recurring Events Manager (recommended method) to schedule the subsequent occurrence of the events, 2) then in the subsequent events in the series you can use the Alternate Registration Page field to point the event details pages of the subsequent events to the registration page for the first event. That will allow you to display all the other events on your calendar, but control the attendee records and registration limits by the settings of the first event. Does that make sense? Then you can also have one-off events too.

With the Multiple Event Registration addon ( you can configure individual shortcodes to add a series of events to the cart at one time.

The shortcode to add a series of events to the cart in one step looks like this:

[ESPRESSO_CART_LINK event_id=”6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19″ direct_to_cart=1 moving_to_cart=”Redirecting to cart…”]

Each number in the event_id parameter is the event id for that event (not to be confused with the “Unique Event Identifier”). The event id can be found on the Event Overview page in your dashboard.

With Event Espresso 4

You can manually configure the dates of each class by adding additional datetimes.

Datetimes are like mini events inside an event, but until we build the Multiple Event Registration add-on for Event Espresso 4, the additional dates and times need to be created. It’s really quick though, add a datetime name, dates, # tickets available, select or create the tickets and you’re done.

Re 3.

In both Event Espresso 3 and Event Espresso 4, the form data is collected before submitting payment.

Re 4.

With EE3, you can point all the occurrences of the event to the first event.

With Event Espresso 4, the date times are all on the calendar but the datetimes also link back to the same registration page.

Re 5.

You will have to format the Google Calendar data into the Event Espresso format before you can import it. You can get a sample import file from Event Espresso.

Re 6.

You will have to manually change the date of one of the classes so it is properly reflected in the event list or calendar. We can’t predict your holiday schedule, nor which holidays you observe.

Does that help?

Event Espresso does not have exclusion rules so that someone cannot register for one course if they have already registered for another course.

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