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Posted: October 2, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Panagiotis Kosmidis

October 2, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Hello, I want to create a type of event which contain team competitions, I tried to find a module or a collection of modules that would allow me to accomplish the following concept.

Imagine an event where multiple teams compete each other.

That type of event would have two type of registrations, one for teams and one for individuals. Individuals would be people without any ready made team, so the staff would organize them into groups based on their stats.

What I have in my mind for registration process is something like this:

User enter in the event page where he find info about the event + photos and video and a registration button.

User should choose either if he will register the team or as an individual. Teams consists of X number of members and one primary member (primary member would be the person who made the registration) in case the user does not have a team then he register himself as an individual.

Once he is registered he would receive in his email info regarding his registration and also password which would work in order to log in to current event’s protected area. In that protected area he would have access into some documents which would be available only for those who have registered (regardless if their registration is accepted or pending).

After his registration is been accepted then he will have access into few more documents.

Thats all. In the back-end you would be able to categorize teams and individuals so lets say if your maximum capacity of a team is 10 person, some teams would be full some other teams won’t be full so you would be able to fill non full teams with individual members (team-less registration) and the ones who left you would create a new team for them.

On the event the maximum capacity of the people would be fixed. For instance if your maximum capacity of the event would be 500 people (which is 50 teams of 10 members each team) then the registration process will be closed in order to avoid exceed individuals who would register, or maybe could be a notice that the maximum capacity is reached and further registrations would be considered as reserve in case some people won’t be able to participate.

So this is what I have in my mind and what I actually need, I’m not sure if I could have that with Event Espresso thats why I’m asking if that is possible, or if Event Espresso + other modules would end up on the above result.

Also not to forget, the registration scope would be on the particular event only, so people who register and have their logins would work only during registration process after that their logins won’t work and also they won’t be able to log in to another event if they are not registered.

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply!


October 3, 2014 at 3:29 am


Thanks for your interest in Event Espresso.

I’m basing my answers on EE4, which you can test drive fore free over at

Step 1: Each event can have a rich description including images and videos.

Step 2: You can set up tickets based on individual or group.The first attendee is always the primary attendee. Questions can be set to obtain additional information. The only issue with this is that because this is a single event, the questions fro groups and individuals would be the same.

You could work around this by setting up a standard post or page as the “event” and set up two events, one for groups and one for individuals and link to them via the post/page. This would allow separate questions, but adds an extra step and also separates the attendees into two events (this might be a good thing or it might not, depends on your exact needs).

Step 3: Emails will be sent on registration. Attendees will NOT be created as site users. However you could add the password direct to the email that will allow them access to the restricted content. That restricted content would be outside the scope of event espresso, so you would need to use WordPress’ own private page system or an alternative plugin.

Step 4: This won’t work. EE4 doesn’t have a pre-approval system as yet so they would have received their email already.

Regarding the backend, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, so I think the best advice is to try the EE4 test drive and see if it fits your needs or not.

Regarding capacity, EE4 allows you to set capacity for both the event itself and also on an individual ticket type basis. Waitlists are not currently available in EE4.

Again, EE does not really handle site registrations, so you will need to resolve that outside of EE.

EE3 does have the waitlist and pre-approval systems, but does not allow capacity per ticket, so depending on how you feel about EE4, EE3 could be an alternative.


October 3, 2014 at 5:00 am


Further to this, I’m sorry but I miss-advised you slightly.

In EE4 you can pre-approve attendees by changing the Default Registration Status to Not Approved.

Omar Paloma

October 15, 2014 at 6:02 am

Hey this question is similar to the question I asked September 22 however I have one additional issue that the above person may also have.

The additional question for me is for me event which is also a sporting type event, the attendees have unlimited (subject to capacity) access to all categories once they’ve have registered – first come first served. In this respect I have two separate restrictions:

    a) Venue Capacity
    b) time or as the above example, maximum number or teams that can run given the amount of time.

In other words I need to be sure BOTH that I don’t run too many teams as each category has required time elements AND I need to avoid over subscribing any given category of competition.

The best solution would be to focus on the number of competitors in each category as I can use that to deal with the time element. The venue capacity issue would be handled by ticket numbers but I would have to allow limited over selling with a warning in our TOS.

Of course this produces a number of immediate problems.

    Venue capacity 200
    Team Size can vary minimum of 5 maximum of 20 people per team.
    There are also individual categories
    3 hours to complete the competition element of the event.

There are three categories: 2 team categories, 1 individual category.
Each competitor needs 3- 5 minutes for the team event, and 3 min each for each individual event.
Each category is given it’s own discrete time slot. In this example one hour. So

    Category 1 Team 5 min per team = maximum of twelve teams HOWEVER that would mean Potential of 240 participants. Therefore maximum of 10 teams of 20.
    Category 2 team 3 min per team = Maximum of 20 teams HOWEVER that would mean a potential of 400 participants so…
    Category 3 individual 3 min per person. 20 competitors no capacity issues.

The best I could come up with (and it incorporates a MASSIVE fudge factor) was this on the eel demo site

In this case the team leader would be responsible for registering each unique participant by purchasing the enough UKH ticket types (required) to cover his or her team. Then the coach would need to select from the additional ticket types (representing the other categories) that are available free. BUT I cannot find a way to insure that the coach has purchased the right number of tickets. Eg, the coach could purchase 1 UKH type and 40 TeenCruise types…. this of course would not be the intent. The number of TeenCruise tickets available should not exceed the number UKH tickets purchased, and the number of UKH Tickets should be forced to meet the minimum number of TeenCruise tickets required. Phew….. any ideas.


  • Support Staff

October 20, 2014 at 1:04 pm

Hi Omar,

To help with the venue capacity, I can recommend breaking out each venue into its own event. Then to help with making sure meeting a minimum number of tickets, you can also do ticket bundles and/or set one ticket type as required to purchase another ticket type.

Omar Paloma

November 5, 2014 at 5:09 pm

Hey Josh,

In EE4 how to you make one ticket type as required to purchase another ticket type.?

Omar Paloma

November 5, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Actually, Josh, I don’t fully understand. All events take place at the same venue. Did you mean create each event as a separate event? What about creating each event as a separate date time?


  • Support Staff

November 5, 2014 at 5:36 pm

Hi Omar,

You check the little checkbox in the ticket editor next to where it says “This ticket is required (will appear first in frontend ticket lists).”

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