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Promotion for $200 Off each ticket

Posted: September 5, 2019 at 10:23 am


September 5, 2019 at 10:23 am

Is this not possible, or am I just missing something? I want to offer a dollar amount off each ticket, but when I do this and someone tries to buy 2 tickets, the dollar amount is only coming off the total and not each ticket. If the ticket is $500, and the user enters a code for $100 off when they want to buy two tickets, this should be off of both tickets (total cost $800, but it is only applying one discount and the total is $900). Is this a simple setting I am missing?


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September 5, 2019 at 11:18 am


The important thing to understand about the promotions add-on is the discounts happen at the event scope. So for your example, the discount is $100 per event. That means if there are two events in the cart (event A and event B, for example), then the discount total would be $200. The number of tickets between the events doesn’t matter when the promotions are calculated.

That said, it is possible to switch discounts to ticket scope for specific tickets, which allows for individual tickets within an event to each get a $100 off discount. There’s a filter hook within the Promotions add-on that can be hooked to using custom code. An example of the code follows:

In the example, on line 5, you’ll see this:

$applicable_promotion_tickets = array();

That line gets edited to point to your promotion ID and ticket ID. So for example if your Promotion ID is 5, and the ticket ID for the $500 ticket is 8, line 5 can be edited to be:

$applicable_promotion_tickets = array(2 => array(8));

The code snippet can be added to a functions plugin or, if available, into your WordPress child theme’s functions.php file.


September 5, 2019 at 11:27 am

Thanks for sharing. I would imagine most customers would want this at the ticket level, as that is a better real-world use case. Perhaps in the future, it would be that way, or perhaps a toggle setting that can be easily configured.


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September 5, 2019 at 11:57 am

It really depends on the use case, and how someone defines a real world use case of a discount code. Generally speaking, we see discount codes that apply to the whole order, which if you’re not using the Multi Event Registration add-on, that’s basically what the promotions add-on will do (since more than one event in the cart is a feature of Multi Event Registration).

We also found that with the way promotions worked in EE3, it was a problem for many that tickets could be discounted individually.

There’s also the complexity where events can multiple tickets, each with different pricing. So for example an event can have tickets set to prices $500, $400, $300, $200, and so on, depending on the type of access or customer. In cases like these, a $100 discount on a $500 ticket would be desirable, but a $100 discount on a $200 ticket may not be desirable. With that in mind, some use cases might require more than a simple toggle to control whether a a specific promotion can be applied to the scope of specific ticket. So for now, the filter hooks allow for the most flexibility because they can be customized to fit very specific use cases.

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