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Preventing Duplicate Registration

Posted: March 5, 2020 at 2:40 am


March 5, 2020 at 2:40 am

As an enhancement to the suggestion in, how can I add an option to allow user to delete an existing registration before creating a new one?

Alternatively, can we allow users to edit the existing registration without creating a new one?



  • Support Staff

March 5, 2020 at 2:54 am

How can I add an option to allow user to delete an existing registration before creating a new one?

For multiple reasons, we have no plans of adding a frontend/user-facing delete function to Event Espresso.

May I ask what benefit this would serve? Especially when you are allowing the user to add another registration afterwards.

Why would a user need to delete a registration? You’re essentially asking your user to manage their registration in the way an admin would, that’s going to end badly for you (the admin). To give an example of where this gets tricky, if there are payments associated with a registration do we simply remove those when the user deletes the registration? (If so your now in a predicament that you have payments made to your merchant account which you have no record of) If we leave them why how/why do we allow the registration to be deleted?

In short, allowing users to delete their own registrations is a nightmare waiting to happen, not so much for us (EventEspresso) but you, the event admins.

As this is something we suspect will cause more problems than it solves it is not something we can advise you on how to do. If it is something you are determined to add you could look into the folks at codeable who may be able to add this for you, but again I advise against adding this functionality.

Alternatively, can we allow users to edit the existing registration without creating a new one?

Users can already edit their registration data, although they can not add additional tickets to a registration so it depends what you mean by editing and existing registration.

Can you add some more details on this please?


March 15, 2020 at 10:36 pm

Thanks Tony,
Ours is a staff conference event that spans 3 days, no payment is required.

We implemented 2 Espresso registration forms – one for the opening address and the other for staff to select different “tracks” thereafter.

There were a number “duplicate” registrations in our last event, some staff submitted multiple registrations, apparently to amend some details after their initial registration. Extending the initial registration deadline, initially set within Espresso, probably compounded this.

Admin users subsequently deleted the duplicates as each staff should have only one registration with one QR code.

On the actual days of the conference, some encountered issues with registering their attendance using their QR code.

I can think of two possible scenarios that could have caused the issues:

1) Staff brought an incorrect QR code that belonged to a deleted event
2) Admin deleted the incorrect registration

To avoid duplicates this round, I am thinking to detect an existing registration and allow staff to create a new one only after he explicitly chooses to delete the existing one.

Please share your thoughts on the approach and suggestions to improve, if any.



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March 16, 2020 at 8:31 am

Are you using the WP user integration add-on and requiring users login to register?

If so you can use a snippet like this to remove the ticket selector and display a message if the user has already registered on the event:

You can obviously change the message to whatever you prefer to help guide the users to do whatever you need them to do.

It would also be possible to hook into the registration process and check for existing registrations using the same details passed and block the registration if needed. You’ll need some custom development for that set up as we don’t have an example of doing it, but you would do something similar to what the above add-on does to check for existing users HERE.

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