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Possible Bug: Datetime reminder queue handling with 1000+ attendees

Posted: September 4, 2020 at 8:29 am


September 4, 2020 at 8:29 am


I have one event that has 4 remaining datetimes and over 1000 attendees.

Last weekend (for the first time after perfectly sending for several weeks), the datetime reminders sent out 9 copies of the reminder to every attendee.

I turned off the reminder and the emails stopped trying to send.

However, now I am scared to turn on the reminder email again!

It seems to me that emails that were properly sent were remaining in the queue and being tried again. Just a hunch.

Please help me understand why this type of issue might have happened and if there is a way I can gain some insight into monitoring or logging. Also, has this functionality been tested with large (1000+) attendee lists?

Thank you in advance!


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September 9, 2020 at 8:03 am

Hi Daniel,

Can you see those ~9000 emails in the message queue showing as sent/queued?

The reason I ask is Event Espresso doesn’t batch process all of the emails in a single request. The AUEN add-on processes them in batches of 150 (which is filtered) to be queued for generation, the message system then batch process 50 (again filterable) ‘queued’ messages at a time and each batch runs on a 5 minute cron.

All of that means that by default, batch processing and sending 9000 emails would take roughly 180 ‘steps’ on the queue, each step spaces at 5 mins apart which is works at 15 hours to send all of those emails. If there’s a loop resending the emails somehow outside of the above they still should shop up again in the message queue system, the query used to pull in the messages to send looks for specific message status and once sent the status is updated so I doubt its repelling sent emails.

Now, I haven’t run through this testing yet (I’ll be setting up a new sandbox site to catch the emails shortly) but are you using any kind of transactional email service?

If no, how are emails set to send from the server?

Any form of caching enabled on the server, including ObjectCache or OPCache?

We had another report a long time ago from a user who’s emails started duplicating and it turned out to be an issue with ObjectCaching and the mail provider he was using, so just checking it that’s a possible avenue/

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