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Multiple Option Registration

Posted: May 14, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Marcos Méndez

May 14, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Our site is a Saling Event manager

We bought Event Espresso hopping to help on our creditations and registrations

THE problem:
When we create a registration for an event the Boat and his owner has to be regitrated first, then the crew.

Im trying to create a signle form for it. So in the first quetions group at the group settings i choose the options for the boat and owner question group. And at the second option for the attendees i chose the check box for the Crew question group.

The problem is that in the registration page when you click to add more atendeess the plugging adds agains the boat and the owner form.

THis is the first problem i have to solve.

The second is that the price for the registration of the boat is variable depending on the size of it. And also the price of the registration is variable depending of the number of members of the crew.

Can i fit this kind of form of working process in event espresso? Can some one help to solve this problem? Because i’ve trying for 2 weeks to make it work but havent got any chance. Learn a lot because im not a programmer not even have much knolage about it.

Sorry for the poor english im brazilian.

Thanks. If some one could help me i will be very thankfull!


May 16, 2014 at 6:31 am


Have you set these up as separate question groups? If so then by selecting the “owner” question group for the Primary Attendee and the “crew” question group for the Additional Attendees, it will show different questions (both will always show the Personal Info question group, it is mandatory.).

Price wise, well you could use the Price Modifier (beta) add on. This does NOT work with the Multiple Event Registration (the cart) add on just so you know.

If that is ok, then you can use this to add options for the boat that change the ticket price.

Crew wise is more difficult.

If so, you could create a number of tickets for the event based on crew size (ticket 1 captain only $10, captain +1 crew $20, etc) but you will not be able to have the crew as attendees, only taking their details via questions.

Same goes for using the Price Modifier addon for crew, you can add them as questions but they will not be attendees.

If you forget about the price modifier, you could add more tickets, e.g. Captain $10, Crew $5 and use the Multiple Event registration. That way they can select 1 captain and 5 crew or whatever, but then it leaves you with the boat issue.

I hope that makes some sense and is helpful, if not please let me know.

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