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Moneris not Communicating/Updating transactions in EE

Posted: October 17, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Renee deVilliers

October 17, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Here is the situation:

Moneris gateway is acting up. It had issues in August, and again we have similar issues October 13th & 14th.

1. When a client registers and pays online and they go to the Moneris Hosted PayPage, it seems that the transactions are happening, and payments are being made but with two caveats:

a) The user is charged multiple times, but is unaware when trying to complete the transaction that anything is happening (there is a significant delay in informing the user of the transactions status (complete or declined).

b) Even when Moneris shows the transactions as complete on their end and approved our Event Espresso attendee payment data is not getting updated – it doesn’t show as paid, and doesn’t change the attendee status to complete nor put in method or transaction information.

So, after talking at great length with Moneris, they believe it is user malfunction that the transactions are happening multiple times (and we end up having to manually void the repeat transactions (users not waiting long enough and possibly refreshing the page to produce duplicate transaction payments) we have determined a couple ways to TRY TO AVOID this happening.

1. They recommend that Event Espresso generate their own Order ID number that gets sent to Moneris (rather than Moneris generating an order ID on their end), so that if the user does refresh it will not process the order multiple times, as it will see it as a duplicate.

2. That we enable the “Response Fallback” – which will create a generic receipt if the Hosted Paypage cannot establish a connection to our server in 5 seconds or our server fails to return a response after 10 seconds. – I am hoping this will avoid users hitting refresh and having multiple transactions. We have done this.

3. To set the Asynchronous Transaction Response to perform a data post. In order to have this occur we have implemented SSL on the site, and need to provide an Async Response URL (This will perform a server to server post of the response data as a secondary method of getting the response data. This does not replace the normal transaction response which will still be sent through the browser as a POST or a GET. This is supplementary and can be used to verify/validate the browser response.)

For now I have in there the same URL as the Accept/Decline URL (the thank-you page that contains the [ESPRESSO_PAYMENTS] shortcode), as I made an assumption that this url does the talking to the database and updates the user information/payment status and so on. I am not sure if it should actually be the “transactions” page with the [ESPRESSO_TXN_PAGE] shortcode on it. Or if there should some alternate URL? Moneris suggested the Async response due to the fact that it seems our server is not receiving data with the browser GET / POST on the thank-you page (from the set-up settings.) We want to ensure that the user information is updated that the user paid and amount and method etc.

I need to know is WHAT IS THE CORRECT URL. Please advise.

4. To have Email Receipt set to “on” on the Moneris Hosted PayPage settings to send an email to cardholder should payment get approved or declined, and send all the data in that email. We are hoping this will also help avoid people manually doing multiple transactions because they are not getting any page information after their transaction processes. hopefully with the email notification that the payment was processed, they won’t try again.

Ultimately, last week for two days the transactions went crazy with duplicates and triplicates, and we have troubleshooted with Moneris, as far as we can and the above are their solutions, believing on their end that the duplicate transactions are due to user refresh or using back button and resubmitting, as all the ORDER ID numbers and transaction numbers for each are unique, and the timing is often a minute or two after initial transaction. Ultimately a user refreshing multiple times is a PROBLEM and caused by a long delay with the page not doing anything, which means a communication delay on the server.

I am hoping that you can assist me with the above, so we can have smooth usage of Moneris payment hosted pay page. I currently turned off the payment gateway until I hear back about the above ORDER ID and the ASYNC Response URL, specifically. If you don’t think these are the issues, I really need some super support to get this figured out so we can get back to Moneris payment gateway usage.

Also, you should know that in the Moneris log file no transactions appear at all since Oct. 10, and I see no errors in any of the log files on the server.

Tony helped me with a similar post last time, and had login credentials for our site etc., and they have not changed. Hopefully that can facilitate the response on your end to this, and perhaps go in and view the logs for yourselves.

This is now fairly urgent, we do NOT want to be using PayPal for transaction at all, and are waiting to send out major emailers for new upcoming classes and special events and need to be able to process many attendees. We want to know Moneris is working again correctly before sending emails for the upcoming things so Moneris processes payment and we can turn off paypal. Turning PayPal back on was really just a stop-gap measure to allow online credit card payments until we sort this Moneris problem out, but we don’t want to use PayPal at all long-term.

Please help ASAP.


Renee deVilliers

October 18, 2016 at 2:05 pm

I REALLY NEED SOMEONE TO LOOK AT THIS. I noticed lots of other forum support topics submitted the same day as this one have been replied to. Can someone PLEASE review and help with this, please?

Thank you.


  • Support Staff

October 18, 2016 at 2:18 pm

Hi there,

The developer of the Moneris gateway for EE3 put together the setup guide that you can follow, it’s here:

Another alternative that you can look into is you can use Event Espresso 4 along with the Mijireh payment method, which will act as an intermediary between your site and Moneris.

Renee deVilliers

October 18, 2016 at 3:12 pm

Josh, seriously? We have followed the payment gateway setup and it was working fine for a while, and then we have run into major problems last week, which I have sorted with Moneris to some degree, and have the above questions that I would like answered. A generic answer like what you offered up after I detailed what was happening is poor customer support, and frankly doesn’t actually help us. I asked specifically about the Async Response Url and if EE can send Moneris the Order ID (to help prevent duplicate transaction processing should user refresh the page).

If you review previous posts I have made regarding this issue, this is not the first time.

You want me to switch to EE4? Really? Then add an additional gateway? That’s your solution? Surely this can’t be.


  • Support Staff

October 18, 2016 at 3:28 pm

Everything that’s needed to set up EE3 + Moneris is in the documentation. To your question about the Async Response URL and sending the Order ID: That’s not supported in the EE3 Moneris gateway. The documentation shows leaving the “Perform asynchronous data post” checkbox unchecked and the Async Response URL blank. The reason it’s left blank there is because that feature was not developed in the EE3 Moneris gateway.

I did not say I wanted you to switch to EE4, but I did mention that as an alternative that you can look into. One reason I mention EE4 is because EE4 is where all current development resources are being put. EE3 is no longer actively worked on and will eventually be phased out. Along with that, the Mijireh developers may actually have solved this problem with Moneris, so if they have, it’s a viable solution.

Renee deVilliers

October 18, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Ok Josh, then tell us why if everything is set up according to the documentation, why we aren’t getting Moneris payments properly to the EE database, and even when Moneris shows triplicate charges, we show NOTHING? Why then, if it is all set up and was working (since the last time we had issues and Tony helped us with that thread in support in August), suddenly now we can not see ANY transactions in the moneris_hpp.log file of anything past October 10th? Nothing since then? Something is wrong. There are three-four days of missing log transactions (Moneris charges went through but there is nothing in the log and nothing being updated in the EE backend database for the attendees – they show still incomplete). Moneris has been diligent in assisting us with ways to try to prevent duplicate transactions should someone refresh the page for example, if the processing takes too long, etc. They have offered a couple solutions. Async Response was one of them.

I want to know an answer to the question about the Async Response and if we can put an existing URL in there will it work – I am trying to solve the obvious communication issues between Moneris and EE, by implementing the Async Response – which according to Moneris means that even if there is a delay, they will send the data even after they have posted a message to the user that the card was accepted or declined. Perhaps “the developer of the Moneris gateway for EE3 that put together the setup guide” can give us an answer on this? Can I use the same url as the Response Method urls (…/thank-you or …/transactions)

Ultimately, whether or not the developer dealt with async or not etc., happens to be totally irrelevant. What is relevant is that we are having this major issue with Moneris gateway and Event Espresso doesn’t seem to want to do anything to help us solve the problem we are having.

We are at our wits end trying to deal with this, every transaction that is duplicate for example we must void, our payments we process are not small. They are hundreds of dollars each time, and when a client gets charged 2-3 times it is a major issue, on so many business levels.

We need some help in determining what the problem is and why we are not getting transaction info back to us from moneris and why duplicate transactions are happening (even if we assume it is user malfunction – the fact that they paid even ONCE does not make it back to EE attendee data to indicate transaction completed) We need to get Moneris gateway back up and running, we don’t want to use PayPal as a gateway. We use Moneris for all in person transactions and want to use it on EE.

If Moneris’ solutions are not something EE can help implement, then we need EE to help solve the issue with the gateway problems we are having.

We have given EE Support wp credentials/login users several times and the users we have made for EE support still are active. Perhaps, Tony, who looked into our logs before, who has a login can review/delve deeper into the issue?

We’ve had Moneris gateway offline now for three days, we desperately need to have it up and running and working.

What other support can you provide?


  • Support Staff

October 19, 2016 at 11:03 am

Let’s start with your first question:

Ok Josh, then tell us why if everything is set up according to the documentation, why we aren’t getting Moneris payments properly to the EE database, and even when Moneris shows triplicate charges, we show NOTHING? Why then, if it is all set up and was working (since the last time we had issues and Tony helped us with that thread in support in August), suddenly now we can not see ANY transactions in the moneris_hpp.log file of anything past October 10th? Nothing since then? Something is wrong.

My question that will help lead to the answer is:

What changed on your server or within your WordPress installation around the time things started to go wrong?

Assuming that things were working earlier, knowing that Event Espresso 3 and the Moneris Gateway for EE3 hasn’t changed for quite a long time, and after verifying that the Moneris Gateway for EE3 works as expected on our dev servers, then it would suggest that a change to your site’s server environment or a change to your site’s WordPress installation could be affecting the response being received by your site.

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