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Lost ticket selector, date, time and map after update to latest version of EE4

Posted: December 10, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Nathaniel Podilsky

December 10, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Hi, I’ve already spent 40 min trying to troubleshoot this issue but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Up to the latest plugins update (today), I could see the ticket selector, the date/time and the map on each event.

I’ve gone through all settings in each event and the general ones and can’t seem to find the answer.

Here’s an example where such data has disappeared:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jonathan Wilson

December 10, 2015 at 7:02 pm

Hi Nathaniel,

I am sorry for your trouble. Did you run updates for any other plugins or your theme? I am wondering if an update caused a conflict with another plugin or your theme.

Also, it appears that there may be a conflict with your /events/ slug. When you go the events listing page,, I don’t see any Event Espresso events. Your theme, another plugin, or a page on your site may be using the /events/ slug. You can change that slug to something else in Event Espresso > Events > Templates tab.

I see the ticket selector when I go to this page:

Also, check the Templates tab for the ticket selector, datetimes, and venue details to make sure they are on.

Nathaniel Podilsky

December 10, 2015 at 10:26 pm

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your reply.

So after trying a million things including your suggestions, I found out that the theme “3 Clicks” is the culprit.

However, the version 3.7 of this theme is the latest version available and I’ve updated it a couple of months ago.

Until today, the day I’ve updated all the EE4 plugins that required updating, everything was working fine.

I’ve tried downgrading from v3.7 to v3.6.2 on the “3 Clicks” theme but in vain. However, when I activate TwentyFifteen (theme) it works fine, I can see the ticket selector, date/time and the map on the page of each event.

I obviously can’t do anything about the theme, I’m not a developer and it was working just fine until the latest EE4 update.

What are my options then? The longer it remains this way, the more problematic it is for people who wish to register to these events, even though they can see the ticket selector on the “educational pages”, they should see it on each event page like before.

Would you be able to look into the code of the theme, do some tests or anything you can do so we can get those events working asap please?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Lorenzo Orlando Caum

  • Support Staff

December 11, 2015 at 6:57 am

Hi Nathaniel,

Could you email a zipped copy of the theme to this email address?

support [at]



  • Support Staff

December 11, 2015 at 11:24 am

Hi there,

Thanks for sending. It turns out that 3 clicks does some fancy stuff that filters out any content that Event Espresso tries to add. You can prevent that from happening by adding the code in this gist to your website:

You can add the above to a functions plugin or into your WordPress theme’s functions.php file.

Nathaniel Podilsky

December 11, 2015 at 11:36 am

Jon, Lorenzo and Josh, you’re amazing!!!

It now works beautifully.

Thank you so much for your support!

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