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Issue exporting registrations

Posted: July 8, 2024 at 7:12 am

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July 8, 2024 at 7:12 am

Anyone else experiencing missing lines when exporting registrations? The approved registrations are all there, but a small fraction of pending payment registrations are there. Did something change?


July 8, 2024 at 7:20 am

When I filter on this year’s registrations, I see a total of 2073 items (both approved and incomplete). When I click on the export button, it exports just 1067 registrations. We have been using this same process for years to build a list of pending registrations that need email reminders. Something isn’t right…


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July 8, 2024 at 12:14 pm

Hi there,

Can you please confirm if the export was working fine before?

If so then can you please perform a troubleshooting to see if there is any conflict:


July 10, 2024 at 1:43 pm

It has been working fine for years. No other changes to other plugins. I would love to know if anyone else is seeing the same thing.

As seen here, if you filter on a category, you see 2099 registrations to export. When you click the export button, it says that it is only exporting 1076 of them. The resulting csv contains 1076 lines. There are actually 1004 approved registrations, so it’s exporting more than just approved regs, but not all pending regs.


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July 10, 2024 at 3:47 pm

Hmmm, strange.

The CSV will not always include all of the registrations listed on that list table, but if you’re noticing a difference recently then it’s worth at least investigating.

So you say this has been working for years, so the difference now is between version 5.0.19 and 5.0.20?


July 10, 2024 at 8:13 pm

I’m not 100% sure exactly when this started, but we have always been able to export all registrations (without a status selected) and then run a script in excel to get a list of email addresses for customers that started a registration but never successfully finished.

Under what circumstances would registrations be left out of the export? In my current scenario, I’m missing almost half of them.


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July 11, 2024 at 7:45 am

This is where conditions set by default on the registration report.

    'OR'                 => [
        // don't include registrations from failed or abandoned transactions...
        'Transaction.STS_ID' => [
            'NOT IN',
        // unless the registration is approved, in which case include it regardless of transaction status
        'STS_ID'             => EEM_Registration::status_id_approved,
    'Ticket.TKT_deleted' => ['IN', [true, false]],

So in English… export registrations that do NOT have a transactions with a status of FAILED or ABANONDED, unless the registration status is Approved (in which case it doesn’t matter) and also include registrations linked to trashed tickets.

When you view the missing registrations in the admin list table, what Reg status and TXN Status do they have?

Here’s an example from my site:

The upper registration is Approved with a TXN status of incomplete, they would be included in the CSV.

The lower registration is Pending Payment but with a TXN status of Abandoned, that would be left out.

Another example:

Similar to the above, the middle registration would be excluded from the CSV.


July 11, 2024 at 9:51 pm

So when did this change?

I’ve got an archive of the site from before a major overhaul that is still running 4.10.43.p. When I view the registration list without selecting a status, it shows 1855 items. When I export it, I get a CSV with 1855 items including registrations with pending payments / abandoned txn. Our excel process would then take the csv and produce an email dist list with customers that started registering but never successfully completed a registration after that. Based on your explanation, it looks like my client has only been producing a list of customers with failed transactions and they have been missing out on abandoned transactions. I’m not looking forward to telling them that.

Is there an easy modification to put this back the way it was?


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July 12, 2024 at 5:09 am

So when did this change?

It hasn’t changed, those defaults have been set within core for many years for both the ‘standard’ CSV Export class:

And the batch processing class:

I’ve got an archive of the site from before a major overhaul that is still running 4.10.43.p. When I view the registration list without selecting a status, it shows 1855 items. When I export it, I get a CSV with 1855 items including registrations with pending payments / abandoned txn.

That’s not expected and different from my results.

I’ve just exported registrations from a site using 5.0.20.p, the total reg count is 3,361… the exported CSV has 2840 rows. The ‘missing’ registrations are those with TAB (Transaction ABanonded) or TIN (Transaction INcomplete) transaction status.

I then switch that same site to use 4.10.43.p and run the same export. The export has 2840 with the same registrations missing.

The query params for the export functions are filtered, do you have any code on the archive site hooking into the FHEE__EE_Export__report_registration_for_event hook?


July 12, 2024 at 11:50 am

I don’t see any mention of ee_export in the child theme or site plugin for that old site archive. I also don’t see any past forum post from me asking for a solution to export everything that is currently filtered in the list.

Is there a code snippet available to have the export always export exactly what is currently being filtered?

We are not allowed to share access to the site, but I can screen share at any time of any day if you would like to take a look at this and the issue with promo codes not displaying on the transaction page.

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