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IPN Not Working

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Joe Soon

August 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm

Sorry for double posting, wrong forum at first.

Hello, I have tried every possible methods found on the forum, the links to the shortcode page are correct, Im using the simple template for the transaction page, but the payment isnt making its way through, cURL is enabled on my web host. Payment via PayPal goes smooth but it is not updated in the dash board.

Everything is setup as shown on the documentation. Force HTTPS is off. IPN url is set to the the TXN page. This is the error from the log file.

> Success Setting Fain On Error Success Setting return transfer Success Setting Timeout Success Setting verbose mode Errors resulting from the execution of curl transfer: [08/16/2012 7:00 AM] – FAIL: IPN Validation Failed . /cgi-bin/webscr : IPN POST Vars from gateway: test_ipn=1, payment_type=instant, payment_date=15:53:54 Aug 15, 2012 PDT, payment_status=Completed, address_status=confirmed, payer_status=verified, first_name=John, last_name=Smith,, payer_id=TESTBUYERID01, address_name=John Smith, address_country=United States, address_country_code=US, address_zip=95131, address_state=CA, address_city=San Jose, address_street=123, any street,,, receiver_id=TESTSELLERID1, residence_country=US, item_name=something, item_number=AK-1234, quantity=1, shipping=3.04, tax=2.02, mc_currency=USD, mc_fee=0.44, mc_gross=300.00, mc_gross_1=9.34, txn_type=web_accept, txn_id=548152253, notify_version=2.1, custom=xyz123, charset=windows-1252, verify_sign=AEObVEko-qD35pxtDH9uxl5U1AGEAcnB-Q6ELmCFNi4oNaPu26.yK2Gs, IPN Response from gateway Server:

Well no IPN response from gateway server? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Seth Shoultes

  • Support Staff

August 15, 2012 at 9:46 pm

Is the site in “maintenance mode” or anything? Are there a lot of images or sidebar content on the transactions page?

Can you please post the address to the site here?

Joe Soon

August 16, 2012 at 2:52 am

Hello, thanks for the response, after trying out this simple php script with curl calls. I managed to find out the the server is blocking outgoing curl. I contacted the webhost and they sorted it out for me.

Hopes this helps someone.


$curl\_handle=curl\_init(); curl\_setopt($curl\_handle,CURLOPT\_URL,''); curl\_setopt($curl\_handle,CURLOPT\_CONNECTTIMEOUT,2); curl\_setopt($curl\_handle,CURLOPT\_RETURNTRANSFER,1); $buffer = curl\_exec($curl\_handle); curl\_close($curl_handle);

if (empty($buffer)) { print "buffer is empty"; } else { print $buffer; } ?>

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