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Incomplete bookings showing as 'reserved'

Posted: January 4, 2022 at 5:42 am


January 4, 2022 at 5:42 am


Back in November I posted an issue I had on this forum with incomplete registrations. I was finding that for one or two events, I was seeing registrations without any contact details shown even though these are required fields on the booking form. I had a reply from the support team suggesting it might be a caching thing which I’m sure was right and I treated it as a one-off and perhaps nothing to worry much about. We canceled these incomplete booked tickets and added two fresh replacement tickets. I have since discovered that two people who thought they’d been booked on the course did turn up. I am looking to track down the person who made the booking to check what their experience was. In the meantime, I’ve been alerted to another similar issue arising now. Again an event is showing as ‘sold out’ but on closer inspection, it seems that only eleven of the twelve tickets have been booked and one is showing as ‘reserved’. I can’t seen any details of this reserved ticket and wouldn’t know where to look. Here’s the event shown in the events list Here’s the event detail showing the 11 booked and 1 reserved

Please could you advise on what you think is happening here and how we can address it? For information, we do have a caching plugin – which comes as part of the hosting package/platform. I think it’s just a white-labeled version of a leading caching plugin. It allows me to add exclusions but so far the only excluded plages are the login page.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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January 4, 2022 at 4:56 pm

Hi there,

Normally, “Reserved” counts are the registrations that have been started within the last 60 minutes. Event Espresso holds the registrations for 60 minutes to let the person finish their registration and payment for that time. If the person does not finish their payment within 60 minutes, the reserve count is reset and the ticket becomes available again.

Now, I can’t comment exactly as to what your caching plugin might be doing to interact with that, but it could delay the reserved counts being reset and delay making those tickets become available again.

You can check the reserved counts again and see if that has been reset, or whether someone registered for that final ticket.

You can also try to reset the reserved counts and close any open transactions by going to: Event Espresso > Maintenance > Reset/Delete Data > Reset Ticket and Datetime Reserved Counts.

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