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How to make events respect the theme settings, while being accesible

Posted: November 18, 2013 at 11:44 am

Cristi Constantin

November 18, 2013 at 11:44 am

I’ve been playing with the settings, still I fail to understand how to achieve best configuration as to achieve a layout imposed by the theme manager (Ultimatum theme), while keeping accessibility (for example, the “Register” button).
Please help me understand how to reach this setup, considering the 3 ways (1: EE default registration pages, 2: “post” post type, 3: custom post type):
– the events should respect the theme manager styling (just 2 & 3 ?);
– the events should display the “Register” button directly from the event listing (just 1 ?);
– the events list should display the featured image for each event (natively – 1; forced – 2 & 3, just if the user manually selects again the same picture, in the post editing page, after saving the event from the event editing page);
– optionally, the event links should be pretty permalinks (e.g.: “/some_artist_big_event” instead of “?ee=84”) (just 2 & 3?);
– event search (1 suports EE search method, 2 & 3 support WordPress search method).

I try to understand the minuses and pluses of these 3 methods, maybe you can clarify the above. I guess this could result also in a FAQ/training article.
Thank you very much.


November 19, 2013 at 5:19 am


The simplest way to remove most of the plugin styles is to go to the Template Settings, and make sure Themeroller is set to no.

This will turn off the Themeroller styles.

However there is still a default css file that is used to provide basic styling, though the majority of the styling will come from the theme.

If you want to remove ALL of the Event Espresso styles then make sure Themeroller is turned off, and then upload a blank file named espresso_defaults.css to uploads/espresso/templates/css

The buttons for register etc are all created via Themeroller, so if you wanted that turned off you would need to add additional styles to recreate those buttons.

The featured image for the events can be turned on in the Template Settings options page.

Pretty permalinks, are unfortunately, not currently available. In 4.0 onwards we will have swapped to a true WordPress custom post type and as such pretty permalinks will be available.

I hope that covers and answers everything but if not please just let me know.

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