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EE slowing down site

Posted: November 12, 2021 at 10:12 am

Nick Rodinelli

November 12, 2021 at 10:12 am

I was following this thread, we are facing the same problem on our staging site and we now EE is causing this, is there any solution?


  • Support Staff

November 12, 2021 at 2:12 pm

Hi Nick,

I’ve replied via email to this but I’ll add some context here.

The issue you are facing is a little different from the above, on the page in question the site loads ~17 instances of the Event Table template which in short means Event Espresso has to generate 17 event lists on a single page. That amount of data is going to take some time and is going to slow down the request, there isn’t much we can do to reduce the load that 17 instances of a shortcode is going to put on the server.

You mentioned you know EE is causing this and in the email explain that de-activating EE3 on the staging site means the page loads much quicker. In short de-activating the plugin will mean that the request is no longer processing 17 instances of the event list table so yes, the page will load much quicker. However, that’s not really an issue with Event Espresso itself but rather loading that many event lists on a single request is a lot of data to process.

When viewing the live site if you view it whilst logged out the page loads within 1 second, if you do so whilst logged in it takes around 25 seconds.

If you complete the same test on the staging site you’ll see something similar there.

The reason for this is due to caching, your using W3 Total Cache on the site and logged OUT users will be served the cached page of the site, logged IN get the dynamically generated content each time so it takes the full amount of time for the request to complete.

For the amount of data you are processing on those pages, you’ll currently need to use caching to get reasonable response times. Ultimately the solution to this is to not load 17 instances of an event list on a single page and either break them out onto separate pages which you load when clicking on the ‘tabs’, a custom solution to load the event lists over ajax only when needed (not all at the beginning of the request) or a custom solution pulling in the database more efficiently for your specific setup and outputting the events as needed.

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