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Posted: June 28, 2016 at 7:04 pm


June 28, 2016 at 7:04 pm


Your product is almost perfect to my needs I just have one issue that may be a deal breaker. We offer training courses with multiple discount offers. Such as if you are a member of one association you get 15% off but members of other associations get 10% off. If they are unemployed they get 50% off ect. We then have discounts if they register on multiple courses or if they register multiple people at one time. People are able to apply multiple discounts eg. if they are a member of an association and are booking on multiple courses they could be eligible for 20% off (10% for each criteria they meet). Is there anyway for a person to be able to tick all the boxes that they are eligible for and then have the ticket price adjusted for them? I know you have multiple ticket options available but because of the multiple ways discounts can be added it will mean I need to have a very large selection of ticket options and that will become confusing.

It would be good if they could fill in their registration details and if they tick or fill in a certain box it triggers the ticket price to change.



  • Support Staff

June 29, 2016 at 5:08 am

Hi there,

No that is currently not available within Event Espresso.

Promotion codes could be used as the user can ‘stack’ the codes and apply multiple discounts, however I’m not sure if that would work for your events.

You would need a standard price ticket and could include the promotion codes within the event description but then the user would need to manually apply those codes to receive the discount.

Another option could be to use the EE4 User Integration Add-on and require your users setup an account on the site, then assign specific capabilities to tickets to allow for discounts however to ‘stack’ promotions you would need a lot of ticket selections (or again combine them with promotions)

We have an feature request for a ‘price modifier‘ add-on that could be used for this in which ‘values’ are assign to questions and as the user selects the question it applies a discount/surcharge to the registration, however that is not due for release relatively soon without sponsorship.

So whilst I think it would be possible to set this kind of system up within EE, I don’t think it would be very user friendly unfortauntely meaning EE may not be the best solution for you events.

Have you signed up to Test Drive Event Espresso 4? You can view how the plugin works there and get more of a feel for the above to see if it can suit your needs.

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