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Defect in Event "Sold Out" state

Posted: July 5, 2020 at 8:25 am


July 5, 2020 at 8:25 am

What is the process to report what appears to be a defect in the software?

My specific situation is that events remain in the “Sold Out” state after registrations have been cancelled, and due to these cancellations there should be new openings. I have tried to re-publish the event, but it is still in the “Sold Out” state. One example is our “PetFix Cat Spay Neuter July 9, 2020” event.


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July 6, 2020 at 8:44 am

Hi there,

Posting here is fine, we can work through the issue and create an issue on our GitHub repo if needed.

Can you post a screenshot of your ‘Event Tickets & Datetimes’ section on the event in question, please?

Note you can mark your replies private so only EE support can view them if preferred.


July 6, 2020 at 1:44 pm


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July 6, 2020 at 2:22 pm

The waitlist add-on is active on that event which changes the default behaviour of the sold_out status.

Do you have any waitlist registrations? (Listed by the Update/Publish button)

Side note, you have the default registration status of that event set to be Approved which means that any registration regardless of payment status will take a space on that event. Just checking that is expected as most users generally want a default registration status of ‘Pending Payment’, which automatically updates to Approved when payment is made in full.


July 7, 2020 at 8:28 am

I have 10 wait list spaces, and currently 7 on the wait list. It makes sense Espresso does not allow the public to register when there are people on the wait list. The wait list is managed manually by me. I have a situation where I need to register people NOT on the wait list. But I am unable to do so, even within Espresso. It seems to me that as the Admin, I should be able to override the behavior and still be allowed to register someone (from within Espresso) when there are openings in the Event, even though there are people on the wait list. A Warning from Espresso that there are people on the Wait List would be nice (to avoid any mistakes), but then the Admin should be allowed to proceed.

Yes, we do intentionally default to Approved, because clients don’t pay until they come to the event.


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July 9, 2020 at 6:26 am

Thank you for the feedback, I’ve noted this for further discussion internally.

To add an additional registration you’ll need to increase the limit set on the datetime/ticket limit to be above the number of registrations + waitlist registrations so there is a space on the ticket to register onto, you can then add an additional registration(s) through he admin.

However, doing so will also allow users to register onto the event on the front end so to prevent that you can temporarily disable the ticket selector on the event in this section:

So, set display ticket selector to no, increase the datetime/ticket limit and update the event.

Add the registration via the admin.

Set the limit back to sell out the event and set the ticket selector to display again.


July 9, 2020 at 9:00 am

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July 10, 2020 at 4:30 am

You’re most welcome.

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