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Creating Badges With QR Codes for Checking in/out in EE4

Posted: November 22, 2020 at 11:07 pm


November 22, 2020 at 11:07 pm


We have the latest EE4 (upgrading from EE3).

Wondering whether there is a way of doing the following with EE4 out of the box:

We would like to print badges for each attendee with each badge containing a QR code for that attendee. When each attendee arrives at the event, they are given their badge and the QR code on the badge is scanned – that scanning has the effect of updating that attendee in EE as having checked in. When the attendee leaves the event, they scan the QR code on their badge again which then checks them out in EE. We then have checkin and checkout records for each attendee and can send batch email (a “certificate”) through EE to those rgeistered attendees who checked in and checked out.

We actually print badges from avery or rexel badge paper with about 10 badges per A4 page. If there is no way of generating those badges using EE4 and addons, perhaps we could create badges in with QR codes that can chekin and checkout the relevant individual attendees in EE4 when scanned?




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November 23, 2020 at 6:01 am

Hi Joe,

As your already using Avery and I’m guessing are comfortable using it (right?) this should actually be fairly simple to do.

I’m guessing you’re using the Registration CSV Report to export the registrations from Event Espresso into Avery? If so you just need to include an additional value in that report that Avery can then use to generate QR’s with.

The QR code EE uses contains a unique value for each registration called the REG_url_link and that value is not included in the export by default, but I’ve previously created a snippet to add it (for others users trying to do pretty much the same as what are doing) here:

You add that a custom functions plugin on the site and we have some documentation on creating one here:

So, add the above snippet to your site and export the registrations for the event, inside the export should now have a Registraion URL link[REG_url_link] column with a unique value for each registration.

Import than into Avery and select that column to be used to generate a QR code on the name badge, when you scan that with the EE4 app or Barcode scanner it gets the same value it would from ‘our’ QR’s so should work exactly the same.

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