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Posted: November 23, 2019 at 5:24 am


November 23, 2019 at 5:24 am

I’ve been using AIM OK, but now want to move to Accept so the card details are in an i-frame. This works, but the currency shows as “$” now, and it should be “£”. The settings in EE and Authorize are still set to GBP as before. Any idea where is is pulling the USD from?


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November 25, 2019 at 7:40 am

Hi there,

This is strange, I can’t find any options in the API to set a currency and we don’t set one on the request at all, so it should be using the values from your account.

I’ll do some digging into this and see what I can find, in the meantime you can remove the summary section from the iframe to remove the $ symbol with a snippet like this:

You can add that to a custom functions plugin on your site, we have some documentation on creating one here:


November 25, 2019 at 8:50 am

That’s great, and works so thank you for that.

On a related issue, the i-frame is displaying too narrow for the form, and is unusable on mobile


Can you see why this is?


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November 26, 2019 at 7:48 am

It’s happening because Accept loads in an iFrame, you can try adding some CSS like this:

#authnet_accept_iframe {
    min-width: 650px;
.accept-iframe-container {
    width: 100%;
    min-width: 800px;
    max-width: 1000px;

Add that to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS


November 26, 2019 at 3:23 pm

Great, thanks

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