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Attendees receiving incorrect confirmation data, emails sent to wrong attendees

Posted: August 10, 2021 at 6:57 pm


August 10, 2021 at 6:57 pm

Hi guys,

So we have followed all the steps listed here:

but EE is still getting user data mixed up. We have excluded those URLs on our side and worked with our host to add the exclusions on the server side and cleared the cache but this is still happening.

We need help ASAP please. We have an event 45 days out and lots of people to get registered.

Thank you


  • Support Staff

August 23, 2021 at 8:30 am

Hi Rick,

We’ve been working through this via email and I just wanted to update this post with some info for any further readers.

The short story for what happened here is at some point the WordPress database tables were reset when the site was having some custom work done and at that point, the Event Espresso tables were not reset (but should have been).

Event Espresso uses the WP tables for posts and various data, which then uses the ID’s of how rows as foreign keys in the Event Espresso tables. That means that when the WP tables were rest, the rows were all removed but the EVent Espresso tables still had that data sitting there. It didn’t cause major issues until the EE_Attendee object ID’s then matched the ‘old’ data in the EE tables. So as an example EE would create an EE_Attendee with ID 222 within wp_posts, when that ID was used on the EE tables if you had metadata for that attendee in the EE tables, it pulled that data, which then didn’t match and seemingly ‘changed’ the details on the fly (EE did what is was expected to do at that point, you should NOT have orphaned data in the database, otherwise weird and wonderful errors like this happen).

Due to the number of relationships through Event Espresso and the foreign keys used to relate everything together, manually working through those orphaned is time-consuming and error-prone.

For Rick, the other option was to reset EE and start clean on that site again (note you lose everything within Event Espresso on that current site), which may or may not a simple solution for others reading this depending on their event set up.

For any future readers of this thread, the above is easily overlooked so a polite reminder to be careful how you are moving your database tables around. Double-check for custom tables and any relationships between them and if you reset the WP tables when using Event Espresso, you will also need to reset Event Espresso, or manually migrate the data over yourself (not a simple take by any means).

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