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Posted: January 14, 2021 at 9:30 am


January 14, 2021 at 9:30 am

My business partner is technology phobic and is not comfortable working with the dashboard or back-end of our website. I want to create a password protected page that will list attendees for each future event. I have tried using the [ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES] shortcode, but I only get a list of names with no event identifier and cannot find a variable that gives me the additional information I am seeking. What the page ideally should contain for each future event is:

Event Name
Event Attendee Name
Registration or Payment Status (e.g.; approved, cancelled, pending, etc.)

I would want the list sorted by event and then by attendee last name.

Can someone offer guidance on how to do this? I am comfortable with HTML and CSS but that is about it, so the simpler the solution the better.

Thanks for your help.



  • Support Staff

January 15, 2021 at 7:40 am

Hi Shelly,

To do what you are trying to do, you actually need a Registration list rather than an Attendee list. The difference may not seem much but internally it is significant and affects what you are trying to.

EE_Attenees have a 1 to many relationship to EE_Registrations, meaning you can have a single EE_Attendee with many registrations assigned to it (say they register multiple tickets, or registered onto multiple events). The EE_Attendee is the same but the registrations assigned to it are not.

The ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES pulls the EE_Attendee objects (sometimes we also call the contacts, same thing in this context) assigned to the given datetime/event/ticket ID you pass to the shortcode and loops over those. It doesn’t have the EE_Registration object at that point (for the registration/payment status) and if there is more than one EE can’t tell which registration you are referring to.

So right now there is no ‘simple’ solution for this, you’ll need another shortcode with custom development that pulls say the next X events, then pulls all registrations for each specific event and outputs the details from there, you can’t reliably display the info you need using only EE_Attendee which ESPRESSO_EVENT_ATTENDEES uses.


  • Support Staff

January 15, 2021 at 9:40 am

Another member of the support team (@Josh) suggested using the mobile app, would that work?

They can view and check in/out registrations from within the app in a much simpler interface than the dashboard.

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