If you plan multiple events a year, Januas is the perfect solution to display all of your conferences, seminars, meetings or workshops under one roof. You can easily categorize each event and feature events on your homepage.

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  1. Seth, I am integrating EE 4 with Januas. I’ve placed the Event Shortcode in the registration part of the event(s). On the main page, when you click on “More” for any of the events it takes you to the event page. When you enter add a ticket to the cart and click on “Add to Event Cart”, it takes you to another the EE Registration page, with nothing entered in the ticket selector. Any ideas?

    • Hi John,

      Does it work if you deactivate Multi Event Registration? It may be that the Januas theme has its own unique way to integrate its main event page with Multi Event Registration. You can check with the theme author to see if they have any documentation on how to use Januas + Event Espresso + the Multi Event Registration add-on.

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