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Template changes in Event Espresso 3.1.28

In an attempt to clean up, clarify, beautify, and increase design consistency across all of the forms throughout the registration process, there have been some significant changes to the HTML and CSS in the various templates.

Anybody upgrading to 3.1.28, especially those with customized templates, should check over ALL of their registration pages to ensure that the new changes don’t have a negative impact on their site’s design.

As well, if anybody has issues on the Payment Options page with images for the payment method buttons (gateways), then they should go to their Payments Settings page in the WordPress Admin and update their settings for the affected gateway. IF the image is still not showing up, then they should use the “Add an Image” button to locate the correct image on their hard drive, then resave their settings.

Any other questions?

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Event Espresso Version 3.0.16 Just Released

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Now includes Facebook and Twitter share buttons.

Among several minor bug fixes etc, we have included a simple social media plugin/addon that can be used to display Twitter and Facebook buttons in your Event Espresso templates. If you have relocated your template files to your uploads folder, you will need to make these changes to your template files.

I have also provided templates for the payment and return to payment pages.

Calendar Week View

Calendar Week View

The calendar has also been updated to include weekly and daily agenda views and a settings page to manage the calendar options.

Here is a list of recent changes between the last four versions.

Added simple buttons for Twitter and Facebook. Templates have been updated to include these changes.
Added payment and return to payment templates.
Added required text to form fields.
Added a new function to Get a single start or end time:
* function event_espresso_get_time($event_id, $format = ‘start_time’)
* @params $event_id (required)
* @params $time (optional, start_time (default) | end_time)
Changed the plugin to use the built in jQuery library, instead of the Google jQuery API.
Adjusted the questions display query to order by group order. This will work if the users do use the group_order field. Otherwise the questions will get mixed up.
Added the search and replace values to the invoice email

Moved the system questions and question groups function into the database install scipt. Hopefully this will fix the problem with the system questions and groups not getting installed.

Applied some formatting to the category name in the category listing.
Removed the wpautop function from the category editor.
Added the end_date of an event to the event_list.php.
Fixed the following issues
1) Edited questions always defaulting to ‘required’.
2) Deleting of questions and groups via checkbox.

Download your copy now!

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