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Join us on the Espresso Bar on Tuesday, April 16

Eric AmundsonThis month we are happy to have a guest host on the Espresso Bar hangout, Eric from IvyCat Website Services. Eric has 14 years of industry experience — running IvyCat for more than 10 of those — and is one of our Event Espresso Pro developers. Eric and IvyCat are responsible for the Anna’s Bay site we’ve featured on the site as well as  QuickHandle basketball camps and a groups integration for the MailChimp add-on that we’ll be releasing on the pre-release channel.  Eric sent in some questions to the Event Espresso team, so we’ll be discussing that, and we’ll be talking more about Event Espresso Arabica. If you have any questions for the Event Espresso team, about Arabica, or if you have any questions for Eric, please let us know in the form below. It’s sure to be an awesome show you won’t want to miss. The show kicks off at 10am MDT (4pm UTC). You can send us questions via Twitter @EventEspresso or with the #EventEspresso.

Hope to see you there!

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The next Espresso Bar hangout will be March 19


Due to scheduling conflicts and some health issues, we’ve postponed our hangout a week to March 19. Don’t worry, everyone will be fine, we just wanted to make sure our hosts would be 100% and available for another awesome show. We’ll have Darren from the development team on to talk about the new Messages system he’s been working on for 3.2. We’ll also be selecting a customer web site to feature for our Espresso Shots segment (thanks for sending in the suggestions for titles!) as well as talking about the new API and iPad app, our Postmark/Mandrill plugin and our new Event Espresso Pros page and developer resources. We’ll also answer any questions or topic ideas you may have that we think would be good for the show, so fill out the form below if there’s something you’d like us to talk about or if you’d be interested in being a guest host.

You can follow Darren, Chris, Seth and Event Espresso on Twitter, join us on IRC and tune in a week from next Tuesday for our live hangout.

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Event Espresso live hangout on Google+

Want to get the scoop on the latest developments in the Event Espresso plugin? Have a question about how to set up Event Espresso on your site? Curious about Event Espresso and want to know more about it before you take the plunge? We’ll be starting a new, monthly hangout on the second Tuesday of every month. Our first episode will be next week!

Here’s your chance to hear directly from us. In this regular one hour chat, we’ll cover all sorts of topics in Event Espresso and WordPress in general. We’ll also be featuring customer sites and case studies, and answer questions submitted via Twitter or our IRC channel. If you aren’t already following us on Twitter, do it now, so you can be sure to catch us live when we go on at 9am MST. Can’t make it? Submit your questions via Twitter with the hashtag #EventEspresso or post your questions in the comments below and we will pick select issues or questions that you have. Already a nerd? You can join us on Tuesday on freenode in #eventespresso-support channel.

Topics and format are subject to change — this is our first attempt at doing something like this, but we’re excited and think it will bring a new way to connect with you, our users, and address some topics that you are specifically interested in. So let us know what you want us to talk about! Need a prompt? How about, what should we call the hangout? We thought of Coffee Talk, but your feedback is welcome!

Use the links below to add this to your calendar:

Watch it now

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