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The Ultimate Guide to Crafting the Perfect Event Confirmation Email

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As an event organizer, you need to send out important event details and communications with your event attendees. Sending automated event confirmations emails is one of the most efficient and modernized ways that this can be handled. If done correctly, the event confirmation emails can support your event business and goals and provide great customer service.

One of the easiest ways to understand the purpose and power of an event confirmation email communications is to consider the overall process as compared to an in-person registration process. If you think about what has to happen to make the in-person event registration, or ”sign up” process a success you’ll begin to realize all the actions and communications that also have to happen. Because the process of registering or buying tickets online is remote, or not “face to face”, the event confirmation emails are going to have to be even more sophisticated, accurate and timely so that attendees have confidence in your event. The event confirmation emails are an essential part of the selling process.


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The Ultimate Guide to Event Attendance Tracking


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Tracking attendance at events can be valuable for most organizations that host events. Attendance tracking can make your business more profitable and help you more efficiently achieve your goals. Most people think that tracking attendance at your event is complicated and hard. 

However, that really depends on how you set up your attendee tracking process and what technology you use. There are various ways you can track event attendance at your events. 

You can go the simple basic and free route by using a piece of paper with a list of attendees or you can go the modern route that is less prone to errors and can issue advanced functionality like generating electronic tickets, and using mobile apps to scan and validate tickets at the door. 

Neither of these methods is wrong, rather they are different from one another and have advantages and disadvantages to each situation. In this article, we review the different methods of attendance tracking and their benefits.

And finally, we’ll take a look at how Event Espresso can help your organization take the next step in modernizing your event registration process which includes adding an attendance tracking system to help you quickly process event admissions and automatically receive a standardized attendance record and attendance report.


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The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration

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Event registration is a foundational element of any successful event. If it’s done right, it can help you increase event attendance, sell more tickets, make your job easier by automating registration tasks, and deliver a better experience to attendees from the get-go. For this reason, you need to make sure you’re using the right event registration software for your events.

In this Ultimate Guide [which includes this post and 4 more chapters] we will go over why you need event registration software, what features and tools are the most important, how to setup online registrations, and how to collect money online for your events.

But first in this article, we’ll explain what event registration is, why you need an online event registration solution, and the key features that you need to look for.


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