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Eventbrite Scams: Uncovering Tickets Scams and How to Avoid Them

Eventbrite Scams: Uncovering ticket scams and How to avoid them

Are you ready to scream your heart out to cheer for your favorite sports team? Or dive into the world of knowledge at a captivating workshop or conference? There’s no experience quite like the exhilarating rush of attending a breathtaking and unforgettable event. But hold on tight because there’s a dark cloud looming over the ticket-buying experience: the rise of ticket scams and Eventbrite scams!

As the popularity of online ticketing platforms skyrockets, the risk of becoming a victim of deceitful ticket scams also looms larger. Fraudulent people posting as ticket sellers are becoming more sophisticated, making it crucial for us to understand the signs of a scam and take preventive measures.

Ticket fraud is a pervasive issue that continues to plague event-goers, as highlighted by various sources. According to reports from Action Fraud, a UK national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, victims have lost an average of £365 per person to ticket fraud scams.

In one year alone, concert ticket fraud in the UK resulted in a staggering loss of over £3 million, prompting a stern warning from Action Fraud. Unfortunately, the problem extends beyond the UK, as evidenced by a CNBC report indicating that approximately 12% of concert ticket buyers fall victim to scams.

The situation to date has only worsened, with ticket fraud reports doubling since the start of 2022, as indicated by Cyber Magazine. These alarming statistics underscore the need for caution when purchasing tickets and for individuals and event organizers to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Now, let’s delve into the world of Eventbrite scams, unravel the tactics employed by scammers, and equip you with practical tips to safeguard yourself against these fraudulent activities.


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