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Come hang out with us on Tuesday

Our second public Google+ hangout will be next Tuesday, February 12 at 9am MST. You can watch the first episode in the Event Espresso Hangout Archive or download the audio on iTunes. If you have questions or topics you’d like us to discuss on the air, you can fill out our form.

Some topics we might discuss are:

  • Customer Seating Chart showcase
  • Event Espresso developer whose client sold $35k in 48 hours
  • Event Espresso 3.2 progress report
  • 3.1.30 released
  • What’s coming in 3.1.31?
  • Front End Manager beta & attendee mover tool

Our hosts this month will be:

Seth Shoultes @sethshoultes

Seth is the original founder of Event Espresso, a project that began as a way for his wife to have people register for her scrapbooking events. He’s one of the lead developers, spending most of his waking hours working on Event Espresso 3.1 features and bugfixes.

Chris Reynolds @jazzs3quence

Chris is a general handyman around Event Espresso, working the forums, email, custom development and occasional contributions to Event Espresso core and add-on development. Chris is responsible for rewriting much of the Event Espresso Requirements Check plugin and has been with the team for the past 2 years.

Brent Christensen @BrentEspresso

Brent is the lead developer for Event Espresso and has been responsible for leading much of the development going into Event Espresso 3.2 as well as wholesale bugfixes and refactoring in 3.1. He’s in British Columbia, so we’ll forgive him for looking like he’s rolled out of bed right before the hangout because it’s probably true.

During the hangout you’ll be able to send us questions or comments live via twitter with the #EventEspresso hashtag or via IRC (our hangout page will have a IRC embed below the video so you can log in and watch live on Tuesday).

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Event Espresso 3.1.30 is out! Here’s what’s new.

A new version of Event Espresso is available, packed with fixes and some new features to make your event management a smoother and faster process.

Compatibility with Jetpack

As always with our minor point releases, the focus of Event Espresso 3.1.30 was bugfixes, and the biggest of those was the Jetpack compatibility fixes. If you are a Jetpack user and you’ve had to deactivate Jetpack or downgrade to an older version, you’re in luck. This version of Event Espresso has been tested to work with the latest Jetpack.

Payment gateway updates

Another issue that might have affected some of our Dutch users who are using the iDeal gateway was the conflict with the WooCommerce iDeal gateway. That’s been resolved as well, along with a number of other important updates to the rest of the payment gateways. We also removed some of our old, hard-to-support legacy gateways. The reason these were removed was because those gateways do not provide developer accounts — so we couldn’t test them — and we don’t have a lot of users using those gateways. Instead of trying to invest the time in updating them blindly, without knowing if they actually work or not, we’ve put them up in a public GitHub repository. Anyone interested in taking over updating these gateways, can fork them or submit pull requests.

Language file changes


Speaking of GitHub, did I mention that our language files are there now? 3.1.30 introduces the new language “side-load” feature, removing the languages from the core plugin (for a smaller package size) and hosting them on GitHub, automatically downloading them to your site if you are using WordPress in another language. Additionally, .30 introduces the ability to upload your modified language files to /wp-content/uploads/espresso/languages.

Cart registration process and other fixes

We made a modification to the Multi Event Registration cart registration process for events that did not have group registrations active. Previously, those events would display a radio button, but that didn’t always send the number of attendees and a radio button, with no other options, isn’t exactly the best use of a radio button semantically. We’ve replaced this with a dropdown, which makes more sense and actually sends a value every time.

3.1.30 also adds a number of security fixes and updates.

New features

We did add some new stuff, too. The EVENT_LIST shortcode now supports multiple categories in one event list. A new System Status page gives you an overview of your server information and what plugins you have active. And we’ve added support for using hooks in WordPress themes for your Event Espresso registration pages to provide more customization options.

Updated Seating Chart

WordPress Event Ticketing Seating Chart

WordPress Event Ticketing Seating Chart

This release also is required for the new version of the Seating Chart alpha. A number of fixes were made to the Seating Chart to fix things like mis-aligned rows, section alignments, and registration prices.

So go update Event Espresso now, or download the latest version in your account area. If you have any questions or problems be sure to let us know in the support forums.

Please note: WordPress 3.5 is required for the latest version of Event Espresso. Please upgrade WordPress before updating to the latest version of Event Espresso.

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