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4 Ways to Convert Pending Payment Registrations Into Paying Attendees

Event Espresso is a WordPress e-commerce plugin specialized for online event registration and selling tickets. Just like any other WordPress e-commerce plugin, you have to convert your website traffic from an audience to a customer, or in this case an attendee.  It takes work, at the right time you can convert Pending Payment registrations into paying attendees.

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Lorenzo has a created a learning series titled 7 Days to a Better Registration Checkout that covers very well how to convert website traffic into ticket sales or registrations. I’d recommend subscribing to that email course.

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Receiving Multiple Renewal Notice Emails

We have recently had users report receiving multiple renewal notice emails from us this afternoon. We apologize for the interruption. Duplicate emails were being sent because of a recent MySQL upgrade on the server. We have worked with our host to resolve the issues and you should not receive duplicate messages any longer. If you do receive a duplicate email from us, please contact us immediately.

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