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Promotions & Discount Codes Now Available


The Promotions & Discount Codes add-on for Event Espresso 4 adds powerful and flexible promotional pricing features to your events. You can create discount codes and promotions that can provide discounts for your attendees when they are registering for an event or buying tickets.

The Promotions & Discount Codes add-on is included in the EE4 Everything License.

Promotions and Discount Codes Features:

  • Promotional pricing with discount codes
  • Promotional pricing without discount codes
  • Optional usage quantity limits per discount
  • Optional start and expiration dates for each discount
  • Percentage or fixed amount discounts
  • A shortcode and widget that displays a list of non-coded promotions on your website
  • Configure whether a promotion can or cannot be combined with any other promotions
  • Custom confirmation and declined coupon code messages
  • List a message on your website about automatically applied promotions that do not need a discount code
  • Easily setup similar promotion codes by duplicating an existing promotion code
  • and more!

These features allow you to incentivize your audience to purchase more ticket(s) sooner or register for more events, allowing you to run your business more efficiently and make more money.

Screencast Demo

Here is a brief screencast demonstration for the Promotions & Discount Codes in Event Espresso 4:

As an event organizer, promotions and and discount codes allow you to:

  • Target and re-target attendees with banners or email campaigns offering automatic discounts or giving them special discounts with a code
  • Distribute and promote your event through partners (speakers, sponsors, venues, affiliates, etc.) by offering them a special coupon code they can share with their audience
  • Track and measure the performance of marketing campaigns and advertising
  • Reward loyal customers by offering them a special discount and incentivize them to attend again
  • Encourage customers to take action now by offering limited quantity or limited time discounts
  • Test and discover what pricing, distribution, marketing or advertising strategy works best for your audience(s)
  • Offer discounts to different target audiences so that your event is priced perfectly
View documentation for Promotions & Discount codes add-on.

Get help with the EE4 Promotions & Discount codes add-on in our support forums

Ask a pre-sales question about this add-on


Your audience can enter their discount code in the last step of the checkout.

Apply promotion discount code

Each promotion code can be configured with a custom message confirming or rejecting a promotion code.


Apply promotion discount code confirmation message

Discounts are reflected individually in the checkout.

Promotions discounts cart checkout

The discounts are also reflected on the receipts and invoices.

Transaction confirmation details

The Promotions List Table provides an overview of all your promotion codes, the events they apply to, when they are valid, the number of uses, etc.

Event Espresso 4 Promotions & Discounts List Table

Each promotion code can be configured with a number of options (see the Promotions & Discount Codes documentation).

Promotions Discounts Details

The Promotional Discount Code settings allow you to configure if taxes will be applied be fore or after a discount is applied.

Promotions Discounts Settings

The discount is detailed in the Event Espresso Transaction and Registration details too.

event promotions discounts transaction details

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Announcing the Promotions add-on beta for Event Espresso 4

Attention discount loving event promoters! Behold the Promotions add-on beta! Finally, the Promotions add-on is ready for you to test its new, more flexible, publicity boosting, discount-ticket-price-obsessed event promoting features!


The Promotions add-on is compatible with Event Espresso 4.8 (also in beta) and available to download from the pre-release channel.


The new promotions add-on for Event Espresso 4 includes discounting with or without discount codes, cart discounts, and a new UI.

New Automatic (no-code discount) and discount limits features

The Promotions add-on can be used to set up promo-code based discounts and non-promo-code or automatic discounts to help encourage more event ticket buying.


It allows you to set quantity limits on usage, as well as set a range of dates when promotions are applied to the price of an event ticket transaction.

That’s right, the cart total is discounted

When you set up a fixed discount type promotion, the amount will be taken off the price of the entire cart. This is a departure from how EE3 discounted a set amount for each ticket in the cart.


Side note: You can still make it so the discount is increased with each ticket purchased by using the percent discount type promotion.

New UI for inputting and managing promotions

All of the promotions management happens within the promotions management screen, which keeps you out of the event editor. This helps speed up the input and management of promotions. Now you’ll have more time to spend on your other event managery tasks!

You’re welcome.

We look forward to your feedback from testing the Promotions add-on beta. Please feel free to start a new topic in the Pre-release channel forum if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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Call for Sponsors: EE4 Promotional Codes & Discounts

donationsEE4 Promotional Codes & Discounts Possible Features

Incentives are important to selling-out an event within a certain timeline, or helping encourage people to attend that are more price-sensitive. You can leverage promotion and discount codes add-on to incentivize people to register now or make your events more affordable for others.

Help us fund our next major feature! Please head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and make a donation.

For now we are starting with “Phase I” features and will move on to “Phase II” ideas/features once we release the first phase of the add-on.

Phase I Features

These controls are managed on an event-by-event basis via Promotions Overview, and Promotions Details pages.

  1. Discount text (code)
  2. Discount name
  3. Discount amount
  4. Discount is percentage (if not then dollar amount)
  5. Discount scope: event
  6. Discount description
  7. # Uses (the number of times a discount can be used per scope item)
  8. Start/End dates (based on certain dates/times)
  9. Custom promo code applied/denied messages
  10. Integration into the Order Confirmation
  11. Integration into the transaction/accounting details system


  1. Discount scope: cart, ticket, username/email, event category, author, datetime, venue
  2. # Global Uses (the TOTAL number of times a discount can be used)
  3. Global codes (meaning that a discount code will apply to all events by default without having to select it in the event editor for each event)
  4. Apply before/after discount/surcharge calculation based on price hierarchy

How can you help?

Well, the time has come to start bringing in some heavy hitting features like Promotional Codes & Discounts, Multiple Event Registration, and WordPress User Integration…And now we want to see if our community will embrace an opportunity to contribute to powerful event registration and ticketing features.

Quite a few of you have mentioned that you would consider donating to the development of certain EE4 features. We are experimenting with crowd sourcing as a way for ALL of you to participate in sponsored development.

This is where you come. We want to test the waters of “crowdbuilding” or “crowdfunding” a few add-ons and features in EE4. We want to hear from you, and create the tools you need for your businesses. Your donations will help us and other users to create the features the Event Espresso community needs.

We are only asking for $10,000 to fund this development, so please head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and make a donation.

How does this help with prioritization of features?

Here’s the deal. Our development team has been hard at work for over a year making sure EE4 core is stable and as bug free as possible. Now, two of them have already started planning and building some aspects of the Promotional Codes & Discounts add-on, however, we have many more hours of rigorous development and testing left to do. Our current process for development of features relies on picking and choosing the most requested features. By crowdfunding Event Espresso features, we are letting YOU decide what we work on next.

Sponsors help us (EE) prioritize development that may not otherwise be accomplished within the same time frame. For example, new payment gateway sponsorships are moved to the front of the development queue, while other features are set on the back burner until we have more time and/or dedicated sponsors. This experiment will help us understand if users want to help prioritize the development of features they want by sponsoring via crowdfunding. We are actively looking for ways that benefit our users most, while still allowing us to sustain the business and growth of Event Espresso.

Why sponsor the Promotional Codes & Discounts add-on for Event Espresso 4?

The idea behind this to try helping each other, and everyone else in the Event Espresso community by keeping the prices low for this and future add-ons. In addition to keeping an add-ons prices lower, sponsors help us (EE) prioritize development that may not otherwise be accomplished within the same time frame. For example, new payment gateway sponsorships are moved to the front of the development queue, while major feature get pushed back until we have to work on them.

Please consider sponsoring the EE4 Promotional Codes and Discounts add-on. If you would like to know more, or requests other features, please fill out the Sponsor a Feature form and check out our Crowd Funding Development page.

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Over $20k In Discounts Given To Non-Profits



Each of us at Event Espresso loves to help other people and businesses be successful. So, as a company, it’s only natural for us to lend a hand of appreciation to those who do the same. Since December of 2011 we have had the privilege of offering discounts to qualifying non-profit organizations. We have issued discounts to all types of organizations, from human rights groups, to economic development organizations and even political parties.

Non-profits all over the world have saved a cumulative of over $20,000 on Event Espresso products in the last year and a half. We are humbly proud that we have been able to do this. With the power of WordPress at it’s foundation, Event Espresso can help any organization, large or small, be successful in their event registration and ticketing.


A few testimonials…


I am in love with your product, I work with many educational institutions that hold classes/events and I will definitely recommend this to all of them, the only time I have seen a system this comprehensive and sophisticated is when an organization I worked with paid a programmer nearly $8,000 for a custom solution, and yet still there are features in your registration system that his didn't have. Thank you so much for your help and patience.


My hope with this whole integration is to be able to show other school districts an affordable and easy solution to these registrations. I cannot believe how much money they are charged for less by other companies. This has the potential to save schools tens of thousands, which is huge right now.


I recently downloaded it to add to a nonprofit site for a Boy Scout troop and the features work wonderfully with what we wanted to accomplish for the site. It allows us to set up calendar, events, and even take payments for trips. At first, I thought that it would be overkill for such a small site, but now I see the possibilities and will definitely be offering Event Espresso to my clients that need an event organization system for their web sites.

Lucy Conn

Lucy Conn
Troop 462


If you are a non-profit, and would like to take advantage of our non-profit discount, please complete the Non-profit Discounts application, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. If someone you know could benefit from this offering, please pass the message on to them; and how you can help.


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Why is Event Espresso Great for Non-Profit Organizations?

Organize Events and Volunteers with Event Espresso

Organize Events and Volunteers with Event Espresso

You’ll notice that not-for-profit organizations often have a following of people who are interested in their cause and who are eager to be involved, but what you will also notice is that those organizations do very little with that small army of volunteers. If you’ve ever participated in the same community service project or an event for a non-profit organization more than once, you’ll  see a lot of new faces that weren’t at the first event you attended. It is becoming increasingly important for non-profit organizations to be active in their mission and communities to keep their membership/advocates active and to continue to recruit other volunteers/advocates. Non-profit success is becoming more instantaneous and driven by how much help they can get from their participants. Event Espresso helps non-profits, or any organization for that matter, organize these people who care about their cause and want to get involved. We do have a list of a few of the non-profit organizations who are using Event Espresso and you can see how it has helped them organize their events, manage their volunteers, and collect revenue to support their mission and operations.

But you don’t have to just organize people into a formal event. To augment your formal events and keep your volunteers involved, you can also use Event Espresso to organize people into group and assignments. Here is an example of how Event Espresso can go beyond managing your formal events to managing your non-profit volunteer’s efforts.

Example scenario:

Let’s imagine we have a not-for-profit organization with the mission to improve the literacy rate among children in foster care.

We plan to achieve this mission by accomplishing three main objectives: 1) increasing the access to books for children in foster care, 2) increasing the frequency and length that foster parents read to/with their foster children, 3) recruiting an advocate in each public school facility that will champion this effort in their school and in their area.

  • To increase the access that foster children have to books, we’ve decided to do a community book drive to collect books for the school and local libraries. With this activity you will need people to volunteer to spread the word either by going door-to-door or by taking fliers into the community, blogging about the book drive, and even get people to collect the books and deliver them to the library. You can use Event Espresso by creating events for each of these activities and asking people to sign up for them. You can set limits on the events/assignments to make sure that everyone is assigned to where you need them and that your efforts aren’t overlapped. You’ll also have people organized into groups that you can send subsequent communication.
  • To increase the frequency/length that foster parents and children read together we are planning a read-in, where parents and children will go to the local library to 1) obtain library cards, 2) check out three books, and 3) read at least one book together while at the library. The read-in will also include a reading competition that people can register for on your website, with recognition for the highest achievers. With people pre-registering for the read-in, Event Espresso can help you gauge the volume of participation even before the read-in event, market to those who sign up and remind them to work toward their goals, and even evaluate how much of an impact you might have in the community with this event.
  • To recruit an advocate in each public school we are going to speak with the attendees to our read-in event and try to recruit participants. With the easy sign-up form or even manual registration features of Event Espresso, each of your advocates at the library can register on your site for another event and thereby organize people into another group. You can then communicate directly with this group and create future events/assignments for them to commit to do.

This is just a simple example of all the great ways you can use Event Espresso to manage your events on WordPress. Non-profit organizations can use Event Espresso to bring in revenue from their golf tournaments, service projects, etc. but they can use it to organize their volunteers and staff. Create an event/assignment that people can sign up for and let this great software do the heavy work of managing your volunteer efforts.

Are these ideas new to you, or have you started to harness the complete power of Event Espresso? What novel ways have you found to use Event Espresso? I hope I’ve inspired you.


In addition to supporting their mission Event Espresso also offers a discount to non-profit organizations. If you are a non-profit organization and would like to use Event Espresso to manage your events, please complete the Non-profit  Discount form. If you’re a non-profit organization and you’re already using Event Espresso, we’d love to hear what it has done for you. If you don’t have a website or if it’s not built on WordPress (a content management system), let us know and we can help you understand the process to having an inexpensive website with these capabilities.

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