Visual Persuasion

Visual Persuasion is a multi-talented group of designers, artists, filmmakers, animators, web developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, educators who have drawn together to create one dynamic team, dedicated to helping hard-working professionals grow and improve their job performance and business skill set. Their classes are intensive, foundational, kinetic, exciting, fun, gratifying and tailored to meet your needs. We understand the difficulty of learning a new language so quickly and happily offer 90-days of post-training support and a reference book to help it all stick.

A few things we like about Visual Persuasion is that they make their list of scheduled digital art software courses easy to find right from their home page and top navigation menu. We also enjoy that the event details pages include the course outline in both html format and a PDF that can also be downloaded, lots of customer testimonials, and clear schedule when their classes are hosted over multiple days. Also, because Visual Persuasion provides their classes at a physical location, they also have an option for the attendee to rent a computer. To determine which attendees need a computer, or the class only, they provide attendees two ticket options, one ticket option is the class only and another ticket option includes the use of a computer during the classes. This allows them to manage their inventory and further help the attendees have a good training experience.

Their registration is simple, it doesn’t ask too many questions. But the questions they do as are important because they want to know what type of background the attendees have and what the attendee hopes to get out of the digital art software training course.


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