Hang Workshop

Hang Workshop is the trendy sip and paint art class venue in Traverse City everyone’s talking about. Here you will find the perfect venue for your wood sign painting or creative art or craft project. With over 1000 square foot of studio space there is ample room for large private parties of up to 30 people. The boutique feel keeps it inviting so that your guests will remember the event for a long time to come. For smaller groups, book a private table at one of our public wood art painting classes and enjoy an exclusive serving area for your cake or other beverages and snacks. With two serving areas and a tastefully decorated lobby, plan for a top notch event.

The Hang Workshop is smart in how they organize their events. In the top navigation of their website, they organize their on-going classes into two categories: Wood Sign Painting Classes and Art and Craft Classes. This organization is good for two reasons: 1) this makes it easier for attendees to find the event they are looking for, and 2) this helps their search engine optimization for these types of events because the navigation menu items tell search engines what pages are most important for those keywords.

The Hang Workshop also lists their calendar of events right on their home page to make it easy for attendees to see what events are upcoming and to register online through Event Espresso.

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