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WP Cron and Event Espresso

Have you noticed Event Espresso has features that schedule tasks to happen in the future? Don’t worry if not. These features rely on WP Cron…
Last updated 1 year ago

How to Setup WPEngine hosting for Event Espresso

Disable Caching for Event Espresso pages If WP Engine is your host you will need to ask WP Engine support to disable caching for the…
Last updated 6 years ago

Common Errors during Registration Checkout in Event Espresso

This page highlights common errors that a registrant or attendee may experience during registration checkout and shares solutions on how to fix these issues. Some…
Last updated 4 years ago

Supported Date Formats

Dates and times are inherently important to events. Event Espresso uses the date and time settings of your WordPress website general settings to manage when…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to Setup No-Cache/Exclusion Rules for Event Espresso

Caching plugins have become a popular way to increase the load speed of WordPress sites. While they work well for static content such as pages…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to Set Up PayPal IPN

IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification and in short it is needed for Event Espresso to be notified about the transaction in order to complete…
Last updated a week ago

Troubleshooting Checklist for Event Espresso

WordPress is an amazing open source platform. With that strength comes the possibility of many plugins and themes. These can achieve different goals and are…
Last updated 4 years ago

Known Third Party Plugin & Theme Conflicts

The Event Espresso team develops using best practices and follows WordPress coding standards, in order to limit any conflicts caused by our plugin. Other third…
Last updated 4 years ago

Troubleshooting Event Espresso 3

These are some quick tips that help solve common issues with Event Espresso. After updating Many problems can occur if you have old template and…
Last updated 4 years ago

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