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Messages System

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Messages System: How to add custom message shortcodes

The messages system provides multiple shortcodes used to output various data for each object available to it. However sometimes you may want some details which…
Last updated a couple days ago

EE4 Automated Upcoming Event Notification add-on

The Automated Upcoming Event Notification add-on will allow you to send a reminder email to your attendees about an upcoming event automatically. This can be used…
Last updated 1 year ago

How to Add iCal Download Links to Messages

The iCal shortcode for messages in EE4 helps to keep your attendees synchronized with any upcoming events they’ve signed up to attend.   What is…
Last updated a couple days ago

Messages System: Message Queue System

Message Generation and Sending The message queue system tracks and prioritizes when messages are generated and when they are sent. When messages are triggered, they…
Last updated 5 years ago

Messages System: How to create and send a newsletter

The Batch message type that is available in Event Espresso 4 allows you to create and send messages to individual attendees. The name of this…
Last updated a couple days ago

How to Create a Custom Message Template

The messages system in Event Espresso handles notifications for all events. For example, if you had an event called Fall Festival and another called Winter…
Last updated 6 years ago

Messages System: Working with message contexts

A single message type may have different content depending on the context in which that message is used, for example the content of the ‘Registration Approved’…
Last updated 4 years ago

Messages System: Message Templates

Message Templates are the blueprint for what the message will look like when its assembled. This is a very powerful component to the messages system…
Last updated 6 years ago

Messages System: Contexts

A context describes who or what receives the message. You won’t see the word context much in the UI for messages because the labels for…
Last updated a week ago

Messages System: Messengers

Messengers are part of the Event Espresso Messages system. Messengers describe the vehicle or method that delivers the messages. The most common delivery vehicle pretty…
Last updated a couple days ago

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