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Tony # Posted on May 18, 2018 at 2:28 am

Still hoping that you can figure out some way to add it??

I already know how to add it, but it requires customizing multiple functions used within EE3 for emails and would be considered custom development so is not something we can provide on the forums.

You would need to override event_espresso_email_confirmations() with your own version of the function, then create custom copies of all of the functions called from within that function, at least email_by_attendee_id(),email_by_session_id() and finallyespresso_prepare_admin_email() to add the additional details.

Currently, editing the admin email content in EE3 is not a simple task.

Another option is you could wrap the espresso_prepare_admin_email() function in a if (!function_exists('espresso_prepare_admin_email')) {} check within Event Espresso itself, then you can override just that function to add some additional details…. however (this is important) if EE is then updated you will need to re-add the above check to tell EE to use your custom function again. (We don’t usually recommend this method as you are editing core files but if understand the issues with doing so that’s up to you).

Far easier for them to open the invoice than to sign-in and navigate all of the plugins I have installed for each event sign-up.

Creating a bookmark to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=events removes the need to ‘navigate all of the plugins’ but I get your point.

An alternative may be if there is a way to automate a daily .csv/excel summary to be sent to the office for all events?

Again as it’s not something available within EE this would require custom development from a developer.

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