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Tony # Posted on May 18, 2018 at 1:51 am

Okay I sent from two different email addresses just now. And they both say ATTN: Tony

I got those, however those emails are not ‘batch’ emails, they are the ‘Registration Approved’ emails, that message type has access to completely different details to the batch email. The registration approved message type can have the link to the invoice within it, the batch email can not.

Hey guys, I forgot to ask. Does the ticket system also have a “Check-Out” feature?

Yes, on the app you can scan a ticket and check them out if they are checked in.

There are different ‘modes’ on the app:

Look-up – requests the details for the registration for the ticket and allows you to check in/out

Continuous – each ticket scan will automatically check-in or out the registration.

Check-in only – each ticket scan will only check the user in, if you can a checked in ticket again you get an error.

You’ll need Look-up or Continuous to checkout the ticket.

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