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Tony # Posted on May 17, 2018 at 10:07 am

The event’s website is live but the ticketing site (using EE4) is not yet (supposed to be live this week…)
Of course, I’ve done some setup on it already but nothing major I suppose (no registrations nor transactions) so it might be safe/easier to edit the tables if you can “guide” me through it as it will avoid me doing all the setup again.
Which tables am I supposed to edit and what should I be looking for?

So you don’t have any custom questions or question groups created within EE?

If not then backup the database before going forward and rename the {pefix}_esp_question, {prefix}_esp_question_group and {prefix}_question_group_question tables to something else (I would prefix_temp to each table).

Then refresh the WP-Admin table or visit Event Espresso -> Registration form.

EE should regenerate the original tables with the correct single questions and recreate the tables for the group assignments.

(The reason you’re renaming the tables rather than dropping them is so you can easily revert if there is a problem)

After doing the above run a full test, register on an event from start to finish and confirm there are no issues, if there are the safest option will be reset EE and start from fresh.

I thought that the share hosting might be a problem too.
But could you please give me the link to your hosting providers’ list again as it lost the link in your email

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