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Tony # Posted on May 17, 2018 at 5:18 am

Searching the forums it talks about Cron jobs but we have a dedicated server running ServerPilot.

I don’t see any cron jobs in the list so why did this stop processing?

It uses WP Cron rather than actual cron jobs, so if you are checking for cron jobs on the server you wont find any for EE.

However the error Josh mentioend above:

Incoming data for the Gateways data handler must have an EE_Transaction object as the value for the first array index

Is usually caused by some kind of garbage collection on the server running at just the right time to clear out the transients that were used by the messages system, which then breaks the messages in the queue.

If you go Event Espresso > Messages > Message Settings and set the the option for emails to be sent on the same request it will prevent that from happening again as the messages are no longer queued and send immediately.

However that will not fix the broken events in the queue, those will need to removed and retriggered from within EE.

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