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Tony # Posted on May 17, 2018 at 5:12 am

Hi there,

I’m sorry you didn’t receive my reply, however I did reply to your email on May 10th –

I’ll will add the reply here to be sure:


Unfortunately I’m not able to enter the license key in the new instal as I can’t see the license key section:

This usually means you are using WP Multisite, if so the license key field will only show on the main site within the network.

Question 1: Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix this?

No but we’ve seen that happen a couple of times and it looks like something is happening server during the request EE uses to confirm the tables are correct and so it recreates the system questions, we have an open ticket to investigate but without a known cause it’s not something we can prevent.

Re-installing Event Espresso’s plugin files will not fix the problem as the questions are stored within the database, replacing the files doesn’t alter the DB, do you have all of your events etc setup and is the site live? One way to fix it is to reset EE’s tables but it will also remove all events, registrations, transactions, settings etc.

Another option is to manually fix the tables within the DB but that depends on if you are comfortable editing tables and if the site is live or not.

Question(s) 2: Do you think “splitting” using a multisite install will help? Or should we install the ticketing on a separate hosting altogether?
In this regard have you had or have you heard of similar EE4 problems in the past? Would you recommend any specific hosting ? We are hosting on a shared hosting in Australia but maybe something like Amazon Web Services would be better ?

Shared hosting isn’t really suitable if your running high traffic and want to make sure your response times are as low as possible (as you do with your ticket scanning). When you are on shared hosting the server’s resources are split between all sites on that server, if one other site is under load it slows your site down, you’ll likely also find the host limits the resources available for each individual site.

I’d recommend switching the site you are hosting EE with onto a VPS or better, share hosting is fine for lower volumes but even if you get a large group of registrations you need to process quickly (a large single event for example), shared hosting is going to fail.

Running WP MultiSite on a shared hosting package will not help at all, you’re still sharing the resources with everyone else but adding more complexity to your site as your using WPMS.

As for hosting recommendations, we don’t really recommend any specific hosts as there’s so many to chose from (although we do list some hosting providers that user have has success with HERE) its often down to personal choice although ‘cheap’ will likely not be any good for large events.

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