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Tony # Posted on May 17, 2018 at 1:52 am

Since we are just now adding ticket-addon, will this make it to where customers who bought BEFORE we installed the “ticket-addon” be able to have a ticket generated automatically that we can send them by email?

Yes, the ticket will be available for those users and you can trigger an email to send to them.

When the add-on is installed it will add a ‘Ticket notice’ message, that is an email containing a link to the user’s ticket.

In the registration list you’ll see an envelope icon, if you hover over it it should say ‘Resent ticket notice’ –

Clicking that will send the user the ticket notice email.

Currently I am just waiting too here back about the email I sent support for the shortcode to include URL to PDF/Receipt.

I’ve just checked and can’t find an email for the above, can you please resend?

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