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Jarred # Posted on May 17, 2018 at 12:30 am

I was able to add datetimes even though people had registered.

The way I did it was setting up a test event out into the future the exact way I had before with only one “Datetime” then I registered and paid.

Then I went back to the event and “EDIT” and added 3 more datetimes like Josh suggested.

It worked flawlessly. So that part is done for now.

Now I am going to install the ticket add on feature and see if it will email a ticket to the first registration that happened before adding more datetimes. I will report back.

Currently I am just waiting too here back about the email I sent support for the shortcode to include URL to PDF/Receipt.

Then I will purchase priorty support for the setup of add-ons. I can handle installing myself to save time but I know I will need you professionals to make it work great, and will be a wise investment. Im sure it goes much faster since you have the experience.

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