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Jarred # Posted on May 16, 2018 at 2:08 pm

In this screenshot:
you have one datetime. You add 3 more datetimes for a total of 4 datetimes. Then you edit the first datetime so it’s event end is 06-18. The other 3 datetimes will be 6-19, 6-20, and 6-21. Then you click the button to update the event to save the changes.

Hey guys, I need a work around because people have already registered for our events.

So how can I go in there and create “four new date times” for the Monday thru Thursday, and then associate them with just “ONE” ticket, without losing the registrations of the current people.

As you can see in the screenshot example, I have 6 people already who paid for this ticket.

But, since we are going to be using the ticket-addons so that people can scan their tickets, Josh reccommended adding new date times so the customer can check in each and every day.

Above is one issue, and now below is another issue I thought of.

Since we are just now adding ticket-addon, will this make it to where customers who bought BEFORE we installed the “ticket-addon” be able to have a ticket generated automatically that we can send them by email?

Thanks guys.

Also, thanks for the reply about priority support, I discussed it with the wife, and we will be purchasing a few of those to have the add-ons installed properly.

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