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Josh # Posted on May 16, 2018 at 9:31 am

Thanks for the link, this helps shed some light on what’s going on.

The reason the form data isn’t getting captured is because the same form fields (or as labeled in the Event Espresso admin, the Questions) are being reused in multiple question groups within the same registration form.

I’m afraid the forms system within Event Espresso 4 does not have the capability to reuse the same question across many different question groups when they’re included in the same question group.

The way forward will be to set up unique questions for use in each of the groups. So specifically, right now, there are multiple instances of an “Est. Date” question, and multiple instances of a “Family Name” question for each of these Question groups:
Rustic Centerpieces
12 x 36 Framed Sign Options
Round Serving Tray Options:
Canvas Pillow Design Options Side Two

You can add more questions and label them for the specific groups. For example these are all unique questions:
Est. Date for Rustic Centerpiece
Family Name for Rustic Centerpiece
Est. Date for Framed Sign
Family Name for Framed Sign
Est. Date for Serving Tray
Family Name for Serving Tray
Est. Date for Canvas Pillow
Family Name for Canvas Pillow

then assign each question to the matching question group, and remove the questions that were reused across many question groups.

Then the answers will be captured as expected.

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