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Tony # Posted on May 16, 2018 at 5:15 am

Events are approved manually by the department head.

Ok, but in Event Espresso how are you ‘Approving’ an event? Whats the difference between an Approved event and a Pending Approval event?

What I was hoping to see was, on calendar page we have sorting for Category and Venue, and wanted to add another sort/filter where event will either be in Approved State or Pending Approval

Whilst that’s possible to do you’re going to need custom development to add that feature, you’ll likely need the help of a developer familiar with PHP, WP and Ajax requests.

I will also depend on how you are setting ‘Approved’ and ‘Pending Approval’ on the events.

I added the categories with hierarchy, but on the drop down, its showing as separate items, so its not working the way i was hoping

Can you explain further on how you were hoping they would work?

How can I add a custom field and show it as a drop down like Categories and Venue?

Unfortunately, customizations such as these are not something we can provide on the forum. You would need the help of a developer to add that feature for you, if you are not currently working with one we have some that are familiar with Event Espresso listed here:

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