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Jarred # Posted on May 15, 2018 at 10:52 pm

2B) or will it only be a URL inside the batch email that they can click to
view their invoice/receipt with the ticket/barcode

They’ll go directly to view the ticket (it’s not a link to an invoice or receipt).

So the Shortcode you provided takes them to see their ticket “ONLY” because I will have the ticketing add-on installed? Yes or No


Next question, what shortcode can I insert in batch email to provide them a link to the PDF Invoice, I found this on another website that uses Event Espresso and they had a link to the PDF invoice.


5) When scanning the tickets, is the scanner sending information to the “Mobile Attendance & Ticketing Apps”?

Answer: The scanner actually sends the information to your website.

So if the scanner sends the information to my website, is that syncing real time with mobile attendance app? Basically, if we have the mobile attendance app on our IPAD and we are scanning tickets, and the scanner is sending info to our website, will it show up real time on the mobile attendance app that we have open?


One concern you may have left out is that the mobile apps can scan the QRCode, and Barcodes do not quite have universal browser support. If you prefer, you can have both a barcode and a qrcode on the same ticket.

Okay, I’m not sure I understand that.

I don’t prefer either, so whatever you think I should do is what I will do because Im setting all this up before June 1st :).

Does the add-on give me a checkbox or something to choose if I want to have a “QR code” or a “Barcode” or “Both”?

I just want whatever is easiest, if I don’t need a barcode, and you think I only need a QR code to check people in at the storefront, then tell me and that’s what I will do.

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