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Jarred # Posted on May 15, 2018 at 2:43 pm

Thank you very much, I will ask questions about a few more things based on your answers above.

First, this seems most important for me to fix.

Yes, they bring the same ticket. You’ll need to alter your event’s set up to include one datetime for each day within the event. So for example your event has one datetime right now, that will need to be changed to have four datetimes and the ticket can be set up to access all four datetimes (mon-thurs).

So, I am pretty familiar and comfortable with EE now. But I need to understand what you mean better on how to accomplish this since we already have people who have registered.

Basically, I have setup events before wehre they could pay for each day seperately.

BUT, we need these events to stay where they only buy one ticket that includes all 4 days.

So, how can I accomplish this now after people have already bought the tickets setup the way they currently are and not mess anything up 🙂

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